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Tips on Making Money as an American Bookie

Tips on Making Money as an American Bookie

There’s no reason to become an American bookie, one that provides sports betting software, unless you can make money. Check out the top tips for US bookmakers to score big profits no matter the sports season.

While many industries struggled during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, some thrived. Zoom, Microsoft, and other online-based companies made a mass profit because people had to work and take classes from home. The travel industry, hotels, and airlines suffered.

One industry that held up well and appears to be on an upward trajectory is internet gambling. People who run gambling businesses saw a nice increase in revenue even though there was a mid-year sports shutdown.

One of the reasons? The definition of an American bookie has changed. People no longer believe that bookies reside in closet rooms in run-down warehouses, taking bets over the phone, chomping on cigars, and threatening people who don’t pay.

An American bookie is a software providing entrepreneur. Bookies living in the United States use pay per head software. They offer free betting software to players, their customers who wager on sports games. 

But bookies don’t just offer sportsbook betting options. They also provide opportunities for casino games and live dealer casino options. Today’s U.S. bookmakers can even offer betting on horse races. Keep reading for tips that can make any person living in the United States a successful sportsbook operator no matter the sports season.  

American Bookie: The U.S. Sportsbook Industry in a nutshell

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court banned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. In 1992, the law made Nevada the only state that could allow players to wager on a single sports event. All other states were barred from authorizing sports betting.

By striking down the law, the Supreme Court opened the door for states to allow gambling on sports. As of Nov. 4, 2020, a total of twenty-four states allow some form of sports betting. However, there is no specific format for states to allow wagers on sports.

Are bookies illegal?

If you ask the question, “are American bookies illegal,” the answer depends on each state. The U.S. Supreme Court said that states couldn’t be barred from legalizing sports betting

The Court didn’t say that states had to legalize sports wagering. For example, California, the most liberal state in the Union, has yet to legalize sports and may never legalize sports betting, or gambling of any kind, over the Internet. 

The reason? 39,776, 830 Native Americans live in California. Many Native American tribes run brick and mortar casinos. Tribes are sovereign nations, meaning they have jurisdiction, for the most part, over what they can make legal or illegal. A 39 million-plus lobby will have a say in how far California, or any other state with a massive Native American population, will go about legalizing online betting. 

That’s good news for individual sportsbook owners. You can run a small sportsbook by offering software. If you add an Agent Payment Solution like PayPerHead’s, your players must never meet you in-person to pay or collect from you.

By legalizing sports betting, states will help current bookies build their businesses. Sports betting is a legacy industry, meaning it’s been around for a while. Large companies like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Entertainment didn’t reinvent the wheel. They went online, yes, but if you’re an experienced gambling software agent, you went online before they did.

Your players won’t suddenly jump ship because DraftKings now offers online sports betting. Also, as we wrote above, states like California may never legalize online betting. 

Offer more than football, baseball, basketball, and hockey

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to get to the money-making tips. The key to gain more clients and grow your business, make a profit, and create a long-lasting sportsbook organization is to expand your offerings. 

It makes sense. If all McDonald’s sold were Big Macs, they’d eventually lose market share to Burger King, who sells chicken and fish sandwiches, fries, and tacos. Check out what you need from each of your betting platforms.

  • Sportsbook – Offer more than football, baseball, basketball, or hockey. offers sports options on 80+ leagues, including all popular eSports, cricket, rugby, and pretty much anything else a large sportsbook provides.
  • Digital and live dealer casinos – Some players like to bet with a live person. Others prefer digital experiences. Give them an option. If you decide to use our software, consider upgrading to a Premium Digital Casino and a Premium Live Dealer Casino. Both offer more than the standard platforms.
  • In-game betting – Our Standard Live platform provides more in-game sports options than any other pay per head company. If you upgrade to Live+, you can offer game trackers and video streams.
  • Horse racing – Your racebook provides wagering on most North American tracks as well as the U.K. and Australian races. Depending on your clients, you could keep the racebook off until Triple Crown Season, when thoroughbred racing runs the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont. Make sure to turn the horse racing book on for those three races. Also, make sure to turn it on for the Breeders’ Cup.    

Top American bookie businesses use PayPerHead software

If you want to be a successful American bookie, you must offer the best sportsbook software available. PayPerHead provides the Agent Payment Solution (APS), which is the only one in the industry that allows for online collections and payments.

You also have an option of upgrading your casino, live dealer, and in-game betting platforms. There is also a layoff account to mitigate risk and other tools like bet alerts, a hold percentage tool, and various player reports.

Another great reason to sign-up with PayPerHead? We offer the best referral program in the industry. Check it out, and if it’s something you’re interested in, call our sales department or chat with a representative.    

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