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Tips on How to Run a Small Sportsbook for Year Round Profit

How to Run a Small Sportsbook for Year Round Profit

Most American bookie agents depend on the football season to make their yearly revenue. But although football season will always be the most important for every bookmaker we look at how to run a small sportsbook that makes a profit year-round.

Once college football and the NFL said they’d play their seasons without too many interruptions, gambling business owners rejoiced. Without a doubt, the NFL is the most wagered upon sports league in the United States. Worldwide, it’s the second most bet league after the English Premier.

The National Football League has had a few hiccups during its regular season. But as we head into the final month, the NFL appears on track for an uninterrupted playoff and a great Super Bowl. The most popular teams in the NFL are playing well, including the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and Kansas City Chiefs.

When popular teams are in the Super Bowl, sportsbooks make more money, including online bookie software run books. More than one pay per head agent is hoping for a Patrick Mahomes Chiefs led team versus a Drew Brees led Saints squad in Super Bowl LV. 

But although every bookmaker has a right to be bullish about this year’s NFL Championship game, most will struggle to find revenue after the Super Bowl. In this blog, we discuss how to run a small sportsbook that makes money no matter the sports season.

How to run a small sportsbook betting platform

It’s challenging to prevent a drop off after the Super Bowl winner lifts the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The nature of sports betting in the United States almost requires some bookies to close up shop until August when the NFL starts their preseason.

One way to prevent having to close your doors after football season ends is to add betting platforms. Before getting into those platforms, you must realize that PayPerHead provides sports options on more than eighty leagues. 

You can offer eSports, cricket, rugby, and anything else a player wants to bet. More than likely, your sportsbook will already have betting options for those leagues. If not, pick up the phone and call customer service.

You should also add a racebook, a digital casino, a live dealer casino, and a live betting platform. Live betting, especially, could lead to accelerated revenue. Not only can players bet on football games while they happen, but they can also bet on soccer, basketball, and baseball.

The best way to run a year-round profit-making small sportsbook is to provide as many options as possible. If the option isn’t available, players won’t bet. Provide mobile casino and live dealer games, horse racing, and in-game options on more than just basketball and football. 

It would help if you kept your players interested no matter the time of the year. The best way to do that is to provide as many possible betting options as you can. 

Consider upgrading to prime platforms after building your book prime platforms, the Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, and Live+, can help any bookie boost revenue and profit. All three are designed to keep players betting more and for more extended periods.

The Premium Casino offers the latest 3D games. The games include those that much larger organizations provide. Based on discussions with some of our agents, the Premium Casino could boost revenue by 15%. 

The Premium Live Dealer provides more tables, which means players mustn’t wait around for an open seat. The Live+ betting platform is revolutionary. It includes game trackers and video streams. Players who log onto the Live+ platform have no reason to log-off because they can access relevant information and watch games.

Although adding prime platforms will boost profit, they aren’t for everyone. Sportsbook operators with a few clients may want to upgrade after they’ve built their books. It depends, though.

The term “white label sportsbook” doesn’t refer only to bookies who provide services to many players. Small sportsbook owners may want to add premium platforms to satisfy the customers they currently have. 

As we always like to remind bookies, if you give players more of what they want, they bet more. Upgrading to premium platforms offers players more of what they want.

Use the Agent Payment Solution (APS)

Sometimes, entrepreneurs start a gambling website without knowing how they are going to keep their cash flowing. Most bookies discover that the only way to collect from clients or make payouts is to meet those clients in person.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many bookmakers found that they couldn’t collect on time. Almost as important? They couldn’t pay their clients on time. When players don’t get paid, they stop playing. 

PayPerHead offers sportsbook software payment and collection called the Agent Payment Solution, or APS, which helps hugely to run a small successful sportsbook. With the APS, per head agents can make online payments and collections. They must never meet players in-person. Also, they can sign players no matter where those players live.  

Sign-up for a $3 per head promo up until Super Bowl LV

If you import players soon, you can take advantage of our latest promotion. From the time you sign-up until Super Bowl LV on February 7, you pay just $3 per head for our standard pay per head services.

The deal includes the Agent Payment Solution, our Standard Live platform, the digital casino, the standard live dealer casino, and a racebook. That should be enough for small sportsbook operators to profit during the rest of the NFL and college football seasons.

By signing up to run a small sportsbook, you can also become part of our referral program. Our referral program is the best in the industry. It pays you 15% of your referred friends’ deposits for up to a year. Sign-up soon and see how we can help you make more money. 

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