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Increase the Excitement and Revenue!

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Take your sportsbook to the next level!

Having your own sportsbook means you can make money in more than one way.

Offer year round live casino, digital casino, and online racebook. You’ll increase revenue that turns into profit while providing your players the most wagering options.

With an online casino and online racebook, your business will always have something to offer your players. Any time of the day. Any day of the week.

Your business will always have something to offer your players. Any time of the day. Any day of the week.

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Live Casino

Provide your players that at the blackjack table feeling with a live casino. Turn on the live casino for any players who prefer live dealers. For some players, there’s nothing like playing with a dealer who knows the game of their choice. Offering a live casino to your players could be the one thing that gets them playing more. Payouts work the same way as the digital casino, which means your players never have to wait for their winnings to show up in their accounts and you never have to wait for your profits.

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Digital Casino

Increase profit with the power of the PayPerHead digital casino. Open up the digital casino to all your players. Low minimums and mobile technology allows players to wager at any time during the day no matter where they are. They can make wagers while waiting for their cars to be washed, standing in line at the grocery store, or just lounging outside having a latte. The best part? It’s 24/7 and fully self-service. That means no matter what your doing, you’re also making profit.

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Somewhere, a horse race just went off. Racetracks have been in the U.S. for close to one-hundred and fifty years. Why? Because they make money! Use your PayperHead online racebook to increase profit on a daily basis. Offer wagering on all North American tracks along with the top tracks in the United Kingdom and Australia. Also offer wagering on races at Dubai. Horse races take place close to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. The racebook gives PayPerHead agents a way to profit no matter what’s going on in any other sport.