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Sports Offerings

You Players Can Bet Year-round. Any Sport. Any Time.

Let your players bet year-round by offering wagering options on 80+ leagues, eSports & More!

With PayPerHead, you can offer wagering on more than 80 sports leagues around the world, as well as one-on-one sporting events such as golf, boxing, tennis, mixed martial arts,  and more. 

Football season, while almost always “high season” for most sportsbooks and casinos, no longer has to be the only season in which your bookie business makes money. 

Increase your sportsbook and casino revenue after the Super Bowl; with so much on offer,  you can transition your players from American NFL and college football betting to NBA and college basketball wagering, baseball, hockey, golf, boxing, horse racing, tennis, soccer, and everything in between, including eSports!

eSports are competitive electronic gaming sports; in other words, competitive video games. As eSports becomes more popular globally, sports bettors have found it to be a unique and exciting thing to gamble on. During the last decade, professional players and teams have begun to emerge, which has created official rules and regulations, tournaments, and even playoffs. Naturally, gamblers have followed, seeing the potential to make big money on fun and exciting matchups. 

Do your players like to get down on non-traditional bets? How about the Oscars or the U.S. elections? We’ve got that on offer too at PayPerHead! In fact, if you can name it, you can probably bet on it. More importantly? So can your sportsbook players. 

Stay ahead of the pack by offering wagering, and live wagering, options on 80+ leagues, eSports, individual sports, events and more. 

Football Betting (American)

Various Leagues Offered Include: NFL (Pros), NCAA (College), CFL (Canadian), ARENA

  • Wager on a football game by using spreads, moneylines, game totals, and team totals.
  • Wagering on various quarters and halves. Quarters include 1st Qtr, 2nd Qtr, 3rd Qtr, and 4th Qtr. Halves include 1st Half and 2nd Half.
  • Wagering on Futures: Ex. Odds to win the Superbowl, Odds to win Divisions, Odds to win Conferences, Total Season Wins.
  • Proposition Wagering: Ex. Monday Night, Thursday Night, Sunday Night, Playoffs, Superbowl

Basketball Betting

Various Leagues Offered Include: NBA (Pros), NCAA (College), WNBA (Women’s), OLYMPICS, EUROPEAN

  • Wager on a basketball game by using spreads, moneylines, game totals, and team totals.
  • Wagering on various quarters and halves. Quarters include 1st Qtr, 2nd Qtr, 3rd Qtr, and 4th Qtr. Halves include 1st Half and 2nd Half.
  • Wagering on Futures & Propositions. i.e. Odds to win the NBA Championship

Hockey Wagering

Wager on a hockey game by using moneylines, Canadian pucklines, Eastern pucklines, game totals, and team totals.

Wagering on various periods. Periods include 1st Period, 2nd Period, and 3rd Period.

Wagering on Futures & Propositions: i.e. Odds to win the Stanley Cup

Baseball Betting

Various Leagues Offered: AL, NL

  • Wager on a baseball game by using runlines, moneylines, game totals, and team totals.
  • Wagering on Futures: ie: Odds to win the World Series, Odds to win the Pennants, Odds to win the Divisions, Total Regular Season Wins


Fixed Odds Wagering

Wagering on Future Events i.e. Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, etc.

Thoroughbred Wagering

Wagers can be placed on all thoroughbred tracks as well as on selected harness racks.

Wagering is possible by Win, Place, Show, Exactas, Quinellas, Trifectas, Parlays and Daily Doubles.


Wagering is offered on match-ups between golfers


Wagering on matchups between teams, asian handicapping, and World Cup Tournament propositions. 


Spreads and totals based on games, not sets. Wagering is accepted on all major tennis events using straight money lines. 


  • Matina Hingis 1140 or rish $140 to win $100
  • Vanessa Williams +120 or risk $100 to win $120

Like other similar contests, you may wager on a player to win a tournament at fixed odds.

Tournament wagers are considered “All-In.” Refunds are not given if a player withdraws.

Mixed Martial Arts

Over/Under rounds 

Motor Racing

Nascar, FT and Indy Racing League. Qualifying matchups and Nascar Props


  • Wagering on a fighter usually involves Moneyline (Win Price) types of odds.
  • Proposition wagering is often available including total number of rounds, win by knock-out, win by decision, and even wager on the draw.
  • The draw is available as a proposition. If you wager on a fighter, and the fight ends in a draw, the wager is “No Action” or “Push/Cancel” and all money is refunded.


Rugby League and Rugby Union. Spreads and Totals for Rugby are regular two-way lines.


One Day Matches, One Day Series Betting and Test Matches

Table Tennis

Fixed Odds- Like other similar types of contests, players may wager on a player or a team to win a tournament at fixed odds.

E-Sports Wagering

Handicap betting: A spread in E-Sports can be Rounds/Maps or other counting measures dependent on the game. The spread will only be referred to as the spread. (For example, in Counter Strike the spread will be rounds won, while in Starcraft 2 the spread would be maps).
Handicapping is a way of making a sports contest more even and thus more interesting as a betting object. In E-Sports betting, this is done by awarding one of the teams/players, the underdog, some maps/rounds ahead 

Total Betting: A total in E-sports can be Rounds/Maps or other counting measures dependent on the game. The total will only be referred to as the total. 

And, that’s not all:
when you’re a PayPerHead bookie,
you can offer your players wagering on just about any event imaginable:

  • AFL

    (Australian Football League)

  • Athletics


  • Movie


  • Snooker

  • Darts

  • Wrestling

  • Political

    Contests such as the U.S. Senate, Primaries, or General Elections

When it comes to running an independent sportsbook, the name of the game is keeping your players in action.

No successful bookie makes it on football season alone. Keep your players betting and keep them happy with year-round offerings on every sport, game, and event imaginable. For more information about the specifics on any type of wager offered by Pay Per Head or the rules for each type of event or bet, please contact an account representative today.

Wagering Events at a Glance:



Burn the ice with profits by offering hockey wagering.



Offer the most popular betting options in the fastest growing sport on the planet.



Rev your engines to profit by offering wagering on America’s top motor sports league.



Score an ace in profits with golf betting.



Make money offering wagering on America’s Pasttime.



Grapple your way to profits on MMA/UFC betting.



Gain betting action from the most wagered upon sport in the world.



Make money off women’s golf betting.


INDY 500

Profit from one of the United State’s top sporting events.



Score a knockout win in profits via boxing betting action.