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Enjoy a seamless and secure transition with our player portfolio migration program.



Enjoy a seamless and secure transition with our player portfolio migration program.




100+ Players


500+ Players


Save up to $6 PER CUSTOMER!



We’re revolutionizing the pay per head industry. Our bookie software stays ahead of the pack because we design our own software. It’s not based on third-party software, which means we can create what works best for you the agent.

We’ve created the ultimate software package which includes an extraordinary experience for your players, making it easier for you to make more money.

All limits are removed. Our software platform lets you grow your business to whatever size you want, from a dozen players up to hundreds of sub-agents and beyond. And your cost doesn’t increase no matter how big you get.

PayPerHead makes it as easy as possible to manage your business. We provide all kinds of powerful and efficient agent reporting so you know exactly what your players are doing, what they’re betting on, how much they have on account, and so much more. 

Join PayPerHead now and rub elbows with the top books in the world.

Increase your profits and run your business
easily from anywhere in the world

Bookie Software

Move Players Fast And Easy

With just one call, we can get your players transferred over to the best bookie software. We’ve been transferring people over for decades, so you can be confident in our ability to seamlessly and quickly get you onboard with PayPerHead.

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Sports Icon


We’ve developed our unique software to keep your players glued to your website for great entertainment and easy betting. We provide a huge collection of casino and sports action to bet on that rivals any book out there. Isn’t that the name of the game?

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Agent Payment Solutions Mobile Payments

Pay & Collect

You can accept a variety of payments from your players, online. Now it’s so easy that you can simply use your phone, anywhere in the world. No need to meet with your players for payments ever again. No one else has this solution available.

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Live Card Dealers

 Live Dealer Casino
Pay Per Head

Dive into an unparalleled gaming experience. Elevate your sportsbook, captivate players 24/7, and enjoy up to 33% more revenue with Live Dealer Casino Pay Per Head. Embrace the future with us and watch your profits flourish.

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Premium Props

Live Wagering &
Premium Props

Give your players the closest thing to watching and betting on a game live at the arena. They no longer have to switch platforms each time they bet. They can bet throughout each game and get to choose from hundreds of prop bets.

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Multiple Funding Options Icon

Easily Fund Your Account

More funding methods than anyone else in the industry. Get payments from your players using debit, credit cards, e-checks, MoneyGram, and all the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Stellar. 

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Stay Ahead with PayPerHead

Discover Our Latest Innovations

Unlock a world of cutting-edge updates and advancements with PayPerHead.

As a dedicated partner to experienced agents, we constantly pioneer the industry with revolutionary features.

Explore the exceptional enhancements available to you today.

Here are the panels with the new features.

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Player Sign-Up Form

Welcome to the cutting-edge solution that empowers Master Agents to effortlessly attract and engage new players. With our complimentary signup tool, personalized links for agents make promotion across various channels a breeze! Take charge with our player sign-up via shared link feature, giving you complete control. 

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Icon Cash

Parlay Cashout

 Our latest offering, Parlay Cashout, is poised to redefine your bookie experience through the lens of our unparalleled pay per head bookie software. A simple click allows players to cash out before the final legs, offering unparalleled command and sophistication in their betting endeavors. Align your bookie legacy with excellence by embracing Parlay Cashout.

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Elevate your sportsbook business with the industry leader.

Stay at the forefront of technology and maximize your success with PayPerHead.

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Exclusive rates as low as $2.5 for Agents with 500+ Players.

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Your Next Gen Book

The latest version of our pay per head software covers all the bases. We maximize your players’ experiences while providing a book that compares with any of the large bookie websites. We take the headache out of managing your book.

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Make More Profit

All the tools we provide to you are designed for one thing – to make you more money. We’re always finding new ways to get you more players and give them more opportunities to bet so your business can continue to grow.

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Pro Bookie Tips

Check our website and blog posts to learn all the tools available in our software. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn about the best bookie tips and the latest news in the world of betting and growing your book.

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Trusted by the
best in the betting business

Pay Per Head is the only provider trusted to be featured by sports betting industry leaders like Don Best, EOG, TheSpread, and Gambling911.

Let our 20+ years of experience of pay per head help you become a dominant leader in the sports betting industry.

Call one of our customer service reps at 1-800-605-4767 for a demo.

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We’ve been in business for 20+ YEARS
80,000 Players Since 1997

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You can raise your per head Sportsbook Business to the Highest Level.
Take a tour to find out how PayPerHead can make you a pack leader.

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