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NCAAF Football betting Totals

How Bookies Use NCAAF Win Totals To Spark Football Betting

Online bookies like you can use NCAAF win totals to spark football betting. Using NCAA college football win totals, bookies can branch forward and promote other football betting.

Below, check out a method to do that, plus get the latest

Before getting into how to use NCAAF win totals to spark other football betting, check out current win totals for four of the most popular teams.

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NCAAF Win Totals

  • Georgia Bulldogs 10.5
  • Alabama Crimson Tide 11
  • Auburn Tigers 10
  • Clemson Tigers 11

NCAA College Football Bookie Strategy

The overall strategy for sparking football betting via NCAAF win totals is to think about the win totals in terms of other forms of betting.

For example, if sports bettor like Alabama to win 11 games this season, won’t that sports bettor love Alabama to win the SEC at -115?

That’s the key. Pay per head agents can tie betting over/under NCAA college football game totals to other wagers. Alabama is a lock at -115 to win the SEC if they’re a lock to win over 11 games.

They’re also a possible lock to win the College Football Playoff at +120 odds.

Using Alabama as a mirror, let’s go through this process with each of the teams listed above.

Bookie Strategy Example

Georgia is not a lock to win the SEC Conference if they win 11 games. They aren’t a lock to win the College Football Playoff either.

However, if a bettor likes Georgia to win 11 games, shouldn’t they like the odds on Georgia to win the SEC Conference and the College Football Playoff?

Auburn isn’t a lock to win anything if they win 10 games. However, Auburn winning 10 games implies that they most likely beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

If Auburn beats Alabama, aren’t they a lock to at least represent the SEC West in the SEC Championship? Their NCAAF win totals odds to win the SEC Championship are higher than either Georgia’s or Alabama’s.

Clemson is close to Alabama in the sense that if they win over 11 games, they most definitely will have won the ACC. Clemson over bettors should pay attention to the Tigers’ odds to win it all.

They’re currently at +500. Those are great odds on a team that has a good shot of winning 12 games.
Now that per head agents understand the method to spark other football betting from NCAA football over/under game totals, it’s important to understand what marketing messages to discuss that actually encourages wagering.

Check out two effective statements/questions:

“Alabama is a lock to win 12 games. Don’t wait! Get on the Bama bandwagon at +120 to win the National Championship!”

“If Bama doesn’t win 12 games, they won’t win the National Championship. Who will? Check out current odds on teams to take home this year’s College Football National Championship!”

Online bookies should play around with the above statements. Gear the statements to their specific clients. Then, watch as the NCAAF win totals and other betting action comes in.

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