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How to Run a Successful Gambling Business

How to Run a Successful Gambling Business

There’s more to running a gambling business and website than setting up an excel sheet and taking bets via text or over the phone. Discover how to run a small sportsbook and make a profit with sports betting software.

Before getting to how anybody can use gambling software to start and run a successful online gambling business, we must first ask, “are bookies illegal?” The answer to the question is, “it depends.” There’s no telling if becoming a bookie in your state is illegal or not

Make sure to check to see your specific state’s rules to determine if you should become a sportsbook operator. One thing is for sure, though, bookmaking has become part of the mainstream. Not only do broadcast media outlets like ESPN and CBS Sports have sports betting shows each day, but companies like DraftKings and FanDuel offer wagering on numerous sporting events.

Keep that in mind as you consider starting your own bookie business. If you do decide to open a sportsbook, there are numerous ways of making money as a bookie. Making money is different than creating and running a profitable and successful white label sportsbook, though. There’s only one way to do that. Sign-up with a pph sportsbook company that offers top bookie software.

Do you want to run a sportsbook or a full suite gambling business?

The first thing any potential bookmaker must decide is what type of business they wish to run. There’s a difference between a sportsbook operator that offers free betting software and running a full-fledged gambling operation.

The sportsbook operator sets odds on sports by following the lead of Vegas books. Players, another name for bettors, call bookie agents looking to place wagers on a sports event. The bookie signs-up the player creates an account for the player, and the player makes the wager.

It sounds simple, and it is. Being a sports-only bookmaker, though, won’t make you as much profit as if you offered every possible type of wagering. Nowadays, bookies can use pay per head software to offer racebook and casino wagering.

Bookies can even offer virtual casino mobile platforms that allow players to bet on slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, you name it, through their smartphones or tablets. On the go, online casino wagering continues to rise, and with the right software, sportsbook owners looking to expand their gambling business can ride the expanding wave.

Two types of betting software for bookies – front end and back end

Companies like PayPerHead offer two types of sports betting software, front end and back end. Using the words sports doesn’t do the software justice. Bookies looking to sign up with a per head company should think of the front end software as individual platforms. 

Any pay per head company worth their salt will offer the following betting platforms. Offering more platforms is the first way for bookmakers to find success in running a gambling business.

Front-end client-facing platforms

  • Sportsbook
  • Digital racebook
  • Digital casino
  • Live dealer casino
  • Live betting 

Bookies, like players, prefer choices. That’s why a company like offers a couple of different casinos, live dealers, and live betting platforms. Agents can add a Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, or the Live+ platform to their existing packages.

The Premium Casino offers more games, including the latest 3D games. The Premium Live Dealer casino provides more blackjack tables, which means players mustn’t wait to play their favorite live dealer game. The Live+ betting platform provides game trackers and video streams. Both are great for encouraging players to wager on live sports.

Back-end bookie facing software for your gambling business

  • Agent Payment Solution
  • Instant Action Ticker
  • Layoff account
  • Line mover
  • Player management tools

Gambling businesses are companies that only exist if they can keep cash flowing. That’s what makes the PayPerHead Agent Payment Solution such an essential part of a bookie’s back-end bag of tools. The APS allows bookmakers to make online collections and payments. It takes away the face-to-face bookie-to-player requirement.

It also promotes action because the quicker players are paid, the faster they use those funds to make bets. The Instant Action Ticker alerts bookies once a player has made a bet. The agent can then use their layoff account to cut risk on the wager. Agents can also change lines to make them more attractive for their best customers and change lines to discourage betting on a specific side.

There are also player management tools for your gambling business. These could be the most vital tools in a bookmaker’s bag. 

Agents can set both max betting limits and max payout limits. That allows bookmakers to control risk before a player has even made a bet. 

Import players to PayPerHead, take part in a top referral program

All back-end tools PayPerHead offers provide bookies ways to increase profit as a gambling business. makes money per head, meaning the more players you sign up for your company, the more money PayPerHead makes. That ties our success to your success.

If you import your players today, not only will you pay $3 per head for up to 3 months, but you can also make money through the referral program. will put $100 into your account for every referred agent that starts a sportsbook with us. Then, we’ll pay you 15% of their monthly deposits for up to a year. That’s a great deal to refer your friends to the best possible pph software available.       

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