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The Sharpest Lines Available

PayPerHead knows the importance of giving your players the best. We offer the best lines in the business. That includes in-house linemakers that have been in the business for years. We’re featured on because we never cut corners while making the sharpest lines in the industry.

The Most Efficient Per Head Dashboard & Weekly Reports

The most important aspects of any sportsbook are the Weekly Balances and Player reports. Use them everyday to  see players’ and subagents’ activities on a daily and weekly basis. This includes profit and loss, and even shows you which bettors pay out the most. Understand how to access these reports and how to use them to your advantage by talking to a rep today. Whether you’re an online bookie managing your bettors or a master agent managing your subagents, it’s imperative to know where the cash goes. Every sportsbook runs a little differently, and bookmakers have different strategies in order to cash-in.That’s why we offer 15+ reports and a fully customizable dashboard.

Learn Why Our Tools are Top-of-the-Line:

With your demo, one of our reps will walk you through our premium tools that our current agents can’t live without.   It’s all about getting more money out of your bettors with live in-game betting, over 80+ leagues for your bettors, 70+ horse tracks, and the ability to bet from virtually any online device. For your old-school bettors, we also offer a 24/7 call-center service. They can call-in to place a bet and  our staff will take care of it—so you don’t have to. Your customized tour will answer your questions and walk you through our advanced and premium tools, like these:  
  • Hold Percentages.
  • Mass Editing Tool
  • Schedule Limit Override
  • The Line Mover
Connect instantly with one of reps and they’ll show you where they are, what they do, and how you can leverage each tool to better your business.

Run Your Sportsbook Your Way

At PayPerHead we know what you need to be a successful online bookie.We also know that you want it done your way. That’s why developed these features:
  • Live Bet Ticker
  • Set max betting limits
  • Toggle live betting and casinos on or off

Our staff is available for you 24/7, 365 days a year. For you.

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