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When it comes to your bookie success, everything depends on the developers of the software. Most pay per head site software is third-party, which is one of the reasons you may not have had as much success building your bookmaking business as you would have liked.

The reason players call bookie agents is to lay money on options. Those options include digital, live card games, slot games, racebook events, or sports.

By far, bookies make most of their money via sports options. Check out why you want to create your bookie website through sports betting software providers that use their software.

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Two words describe proprietary software, flexibility, and security.

Let’s start with security which isn’t always top of mind when agents consider bookie software. Security is the backbone of everything.

Players won’t play with you if they believe their information can be stolen or even seen. Check out why security and flexibility mean so much to your betting software.

Software developers say the buck stops here

The expression “the buck stops here” refers to responsibility. Where the buck stops is where full responsibility lies. 

PayPerHead uses proprietary betting software, which means we take full responsibility for our software. We don’t push the burden onto a third party.

We take responsibility. When you call a PayPerHead customer service person and ask about security, know that whatever we tell you comes from our point of view.

Flexibility comes with proprietary software

Third-party software doesn’t allow sports bettors flexibility. With third-party software, bettors must wager on whatever sports the online bookie has made available. 

Those sports aren’t always the top choice for bettors. Also, third-party betting software makes it difficult for price per head agents to promote some sports.

For example, most bookie pay per head agents prefer not to lean on Major League Baseball during the summer. Baseball handicappers become experts and profit from unsuspecting agents.

The American Disc League, UFC and boxing, golf, and NASCAR are much better sports to promote than pro baseball. Not all third-party software allows players to bet on ADL, MMA, boxing, PGA, and auto racing events. 


PayPerHead provides agents with a bookie website with over eighty leagues. Not only does your sports betting platform provide options for more than eighty leagues, but because our software is proprietary, we can add leagues with zero issues.

If you have a player who wishes to bet on a league that doesn’t exist on the sportsbook platform, give us a call. Our developers will find a way to add the sport.


In addition to your 80+ league sportsbook, you also have the flexibility to add action-generating platforms. Adding any of the following platforms will increase action by at least 15%. 

Premium Props

Offering individual star performance, half-time, and quarter lines during football and basketball season can raise your sportsbook to a championship level. 

But the Premium Props platform provides way more options than just software for NFL, NBA, and MLB props. There are also PGA, NASCAR, and other prop options. 

Premium Props is a must for any professional agent. Your bookmaker software isn’t complete without the Premium Props platform.

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Live + Logo


The goal for all agents is to create bookie site stickiness. All agents should add Live+ to your offerings. 

The Live+ platform provides your players with game trackers and video streams. Like Premium Props, Live+ is essential to creating a sportsbook that rises to the level of a master agent.

Live+ is especially necessary if most of your players bet on the NBA and NFL. Those two sports are tailor-made for live betting, and Live+ creates the stickiness that can increase action well beyond 15% 

Premium Gaming

The standard gaming platform provides players with twenty-three digital options. The common platform exists so you can offer players action on traditional games, but the standard gaming platform doesn’t boost activity much.

Our developers have seamlessly incorporated an excellent 3D Gaming platform that provides the latest BetSoft 3D options. 3D gaming has become the way to keep slot players and other gaming fans happy.  

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Live Dealer Logo

Live Dealer

Our developers have incorporated a couple of live dealer platforms. You can offer two live dealer platforms to ensure integrity between your players and the live dealers. 

Sometimes, dealers and players develop relationships threatening a PPH bookie site’s bottom line. With two live dealer platforms, bookmakers can ensure no player develops a strong relationship with any dealer.

Agents have total control over the platform players can access. So if a player starts developing a rapport with a specific dealer, the agent can switch the player to a different platform.

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Agent Payment Solution & Layoff Account

The layoff account allows you to manage risky wagers. You do that by laying off part of a bet. It’s not a sports betting platform. 

But our developers have created it so you can ensure profit. So it has much to do with your ability to make money and increase your bottom line.  

The APS isn’t a betting platform, but it’s so essential to you making a profit and keeping more of what you make that we had to add it. The Agent Payment Solution allows you to collect agent payments and make payouts online.

So you mustn’t meet players in person. You also can sign players that exist anywhere in the world. Not only that, but the APS accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH, and even e-checks and MoneyGram. 

Table Tennis Sportsbook Software


If you’re serious about creating a long-lasting bookmaking operation that adds money to your pocket, then signing up with PayPerHead is a no-brainer. 

On average, agents that have switched to PayPerHead have seen a 23% rise in action. If you’re not convinced, give us a call.

The entire PayPerHead team, from upper management to our software development team to our customer service reps, wants you to be the most successful agent you can be. Our experts provide free bookie site consultations that require no obligation.

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