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The Ultimate Sportsbook
Software Package

Proprietary Sportsbook Software

You can now have an outstanding Sportsbook that rivals any of the major books you can find on the internet. We’ve updated our proprietary sportsbook software to create a super experience for your players – and for you.

You’ll have a book as good as the top bookie websites on the internet. Our free sports betting software gives you all the control of lines, betting limits, and services you offer your players.

Join PayPerHead and become the leader of the pack.

What’s it Take to Make a Great Sportsbook?

It takes a lot to create a book as impressive as some of the major sports books on the internet. They have great websites with great graphics and offerings. It takes a long time, and you have to lay down a lot of money to create something that impressive.

But we’ve already done that for you. All it takes to make your own amazing sportsbook is a minimum $25 deposit. We’ll set you up with your own website and your player websites in no time flat. Our customer service people can walk you through everything including transferring your players over.

Outstanding Sportsbook Software Player Experience

Building relationships with your players is very important. It’s something the big books can’t do. Your players stick with you because you take care of them, and you work with them. Improve that stickiness by bringing them the best player experience they can get.

Compare for yourself. Check out some of the best sites out there and then get a demo of our web pages to see the difference. We think you’ll be impressed, and so will your players.

Endless Betting Opportunities

To make more money, you know that you have to give your players a better experience with our sportsbook software. That includes:

  •       Great entertainment
  •       Lots of choices for sports and casino games
  •       More payment choices
  •       Easy online payments, or by phone
  •       More opportunities to bet
  •       Being able to bet on their computer or mobile device

That’s all included with our new player experience. Whether they are seasoned at the game of betting, or they just like to bet on the home team, your players won’t find a better experience then with a Pay Per Head agent. They get a great website to bet from, pay from, and get entertained from. It’s just great sportsbook software.

You’ll make more profits when you’re part of the PayPerHead team.

A Top-Notch Agent Site

You get your own agent website with a backend that makes it easier than ever to run your book. We provide all the control and reporting you need to easily manage your book and your players. It’s so efficient that you can grow your book to whatever size you want. And our sportsbook software is built to grow to any size.

Sportsbook Software Gives Complete Control

Your lines are set up for every sport, and every game, so you don’t have to do the work. It’s like having your very own line crew setting up every bet for you. But you always have the ability to change lines whenever you want. We even have special software for any agents that become resellers. This free sportsbook software takes the pain out of managing as many sub-agents as you want. It does all your payment calculations and reporting, at no added cost.

Pay and Collect from Your Players Online

We’ve also created an online payment system that accepts all kinds of payment types including cryptocurrencies. Players no longer have to worry about getting in touch with you and connecting to make payments so they can make some bets. They just make their payments online and are good to go. They can even do it from their phone. It saves you time, and makes you more money.

No one does it better. Rival any book in the world. And you can have it without investing a ton of money. In fact, all you need is a minimum $25 deposit to get you going.

2-click entry for reports, up to the minute status updates on wagers, and you have complete control over your player offerings and limits.

Rival any book on the internet for only a $25 minimum deposit. You can offer your players Live Dealer casinos, live sports betting, live tracking, 80+ leagues and much more.

Our free sportsbook software was good before. Now it’s exceptional. As far as offerings go, the big books don’t have anything that you don’t have. You’ll be able to provide even better value to your players with an amazing website that has their own free betting software. Big books have nothing on you there.

It’s like racing at your local track and then suddenly competing in the grand prix. There’s nothing stopping you from moving up right now and making a lot more money.

No More Limits

All limits have been removed so that you can create whatever size book you want. It’s completely up to you. The big books can’t give the personal touch to their players like you can.

If you’re an agent with PayPerHead, you’ll never have to worry about the big books leaving you in the dust. With the latest version of our proprietary software, players won’t be able to tell the difference between you and the big books on the internet. Move to the next level by joining us now and growing your profits.

Grow Your Sportsbook to Any Size

Whatever your goals as a bookie, our sportsbook software won’t get in your way. In fact, it will help you how to be a bookie – with jets on.

And remember, our amazing multilingual customer service is available 24/7 to help you out with any questions or any issues you may have. We’ve got your back.

Call PayPerHead now and become one the top books on the internet.

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