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2022 NFL Draft Preview

2022 NFL Draft Preview

From April 28 through April 30 all 32 teams in the NFL will look to improve their teams in the 2022 NFL Draft. In our NFL Mock Draft blog, we discussed which players teams were going to draft. In this blog, we let pay per head agents know which squads to keep an eye on during the draft.

Although the NBA Playoffs continue on Thursday night, most sports fans will tune into NFL Net or ESPN to watch the 2022 NFL Draft. Every year, pro football teams hope to make the one first round selection to send their team to the Lombardi Trophy game.

This season, a team like Jacksonville could land the one player that takes them from worst to first. Detroit requires more than a single player, but squads like Kansas City and New Orleans, a couple of perennial playoff powers, could win their conference if they make the right draft choices.

Other teams like the Seattle Seahawks will be looking for a quick turnaround. Later in the blog, we provide more info regarding the Seahawks, Saints, Jaguars, and Chiefs.

Before reading about those teams, check out the 2022 NFL Draft schedule and draft order for the first round. Then read why the four teams we’ve mentioned could attract the most action in your bookmaker software sportsbook.   

2022 NFL Draft Schedule

  • When: Thursday, April 28 – Saturday, April 30
  • Where: Caesar’s Forum, Paradise, Nevada
  • TV: ESPN, ESPN Deportes, NFL Net, ESPN2, ABC

2022 NFL Draft Rounds

  • Thursday, April 28 – Round 1
  • Friday, April 29 – Round 2 and Round 3
  • Saturday, April 30 – Rounds 4 – 7

2022 NFL Draft Round 1 Pick Order 

See below for the 2022 NFL Draft first-round draft order. Defensive linemen should go in the first couple of picks. 

But if the Jaguars don’t draft one of the top two defensive linemen, and if the Lions turn their back on one of the two best defensive linemen in the draft, all bets are off. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Houston Texans
  4. New York Jets
  5. New York Giants
  6. Carolina Panthers
  7. New York Giants
  8. Atlanta Falcons
  9. Seattle Seahawks
  10. New York Jets
  11. Washington Commanders
  12. Minnesota Vikings
  13. Houston Texans
  14. Baltimore Ravens
  15. Philadelphia Eagles
  16. New Orleans Saints
  17. Los Angeles Chargers
  18. Philadelphia Eagles
  19. New Orleans Saints
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers
  21. New England Patriots
  22. Green Bay Packers
  23. Arizona Cardinals
  24. Dallas Cowboys
  25. Buffalo Bills
  26. Tennessee Titans
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  28. Green Bay Packers
  29. Kansas City Chiefs
  30. Kansas City Chiefs
  31. Cincinnati Bengals 
  32. Detroit Lions 

The Four NFL Teams to Watch in the 2022 NFL Draft First Round

Many teams have more than one first round pick, including the Green Bay Packers. But although those teams deserve attention, the following four will likely make moves during the draft while a team like the Packers won’t draft a player that will make much of a difference. 

Jacksonville Jaguars – Pick #1

The Jaguars want to draft pass rushers. Per the latest, Jacksonville will pull the trigger on Georgia Travon Walker instead of drafting Aidan Hutchinson.

The Jags can’t go wrong with either. Walker forced fumbles for UGA. Hutchinson forced fumbles for Michigan.

Walker can use the bull rush technique or swim around offensive linemen. Hutchinson can bull rush blockers, swim, or move back into coverage. So the Jaguars are good either way.  

But the Jags improved big time during free agency. Jacksonville should contend for a playoff berth no matter who they draft at number one, which means the Jags could part with the first pick, grab a bunch of selections, and shore up the positions that require attention.

Jacksonville’s phone will be ringing off the hook. Neither of the top pass rushers, Walker nor Hutchinson, is a sure thing. 

Seattle Seahawks – Pick #9

Seattle sent quarterback Russell Wilson, the face of their franchise, to the Denver Broncos. In return, the Seahawks got the Broncos’ ninth pick.

Until seven days ago, everyone thought the Hawks were going to draft Liberty quarterback Malik Willis because Malik has ball skills for days.

But then an astute NFL handicapper pointed out that Duane Brown, Seattle’s 2021 starting left offensive tackle, isn’t on the roster.

So, most believe the Seahawks will go with an offensive lineman with their first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. At ninth, Seattle should have their choice of tackles to choose. 

Brown could still end up in a Seattle uniform. He might, but if Evan Neal, Alabama’s gargantuan offensive tackle, falls to ninth, the Hawks must pull the trigger.

Evan Neal has all the tools. So he could end up a 10-year NFL All-Pro. Neal will open passing lanes no matter who is under center.  

If the Seahawks draft Neal, Seattle fans may call bookie agents looking to back Seattle to win Super Bowl LVII. 

The Seahawks are loaded with good players. A single rookie star like Neal could send Seattle to the playoffs.  

New Orleans Saints – Picks #16 and #19

The New Orleans Saints require a pass blocker because Terron Armstead, last season’s starting left tackle, bounced to Miami. The Saints mustn’t draft a left offensive tackle.

New Orleans can get away with drafting pass protection no matter the listed position. If history is any indication, new head coach Dennis Allen will follow Sean Payton’s lead and move right offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk to the left side and start either pick #16 or pick #19 at right tackle.

New Orleans will use their second first round pick on a wide receiver. The Saints love Jameson Williams, the speedy wideout who played for Nick Saban at Alabama. 

But N’Awlins will be happy with Chris Olave or Garrett Wilson, the two Ohio State wide receivers. Big Easy fans would be ecstatic if USC’s Drake London fell to the Saints.  

If the Saints make the right choices, they become Super Bowl contenders. Sportsbook software agents must set max betting limits on New Orleans to win Super Bowl 57. 


Kansas City Chiefs – Picks #29 and #30

It’s not often that a team picking late in the first round, even one with two Round 1 picks, can become a Super Bowl favorite if they make the right choices.

KC doesn’t require pass protection to keep Mahomes upright. But the Kansas City Chiefs lost Patrick Mahomes’ favorite target in a trade. Tyreek Hill. 

Tyreek, like Armstead, went to play for the Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs mustn’t use one of their picks on a wideout. But they will.

Kansas City requires a player like Jameson Williams. So don’t be surprised if Andy Reid decides to package the two picks and move up to ensure the Chiefs can draft Jameson. 

Even if KC stands pat, PPH sports agents must set max limits. Reid never makes mistakes during the draft.

Reid moved up to draft Mahomes before Sean Payton could draft him for the Saints. So the player or players the Kansas City Chiefs draft in the first round will make KC an instant favorite to win the Lombardi Trophy.   

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