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Pay Per Head Sportbook growth concept

Pay Per Head in 2020

The Pay Per Head industry is expected to explode in 2020, with looser restrictions on sports betting in the United States. 

This article will ensure that any new or existing Per Head agents have all the tools necessary to jumpstart their own sportsbook in 2020.

Savvy online bookmakers are constantly in the hunt for new and profitable trends in the industry.  It is that tenacity that sets them apart from the average independent bookie and helps them maintain a higher profit margin.  It is how they stay one step ahead of not only their clients but also their competition. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the features and trends which will lead the PPH charge in 2020.

Using Per Head Software with Cryptocurrency in 2020.

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency in the Pay Per Head industry was carried largely by the explosion in Bitcoin, which has revolutionized the way in which agents and clients deal with currency.

When we take a look at the gambling industry on a whole, it’s easy to see why more and more people each day are jumping ship when it comes to traditional currency and getting onto the Crypto bandwagon.  All in all, it offers a more fulfilling experience for both agents and their players alike. 

Lucky for us, the sports betting industry has embraced cryptocurrency in a way that others have yet to. 

One of the major advantages is being digital, which makes it easier for players the luxury of wagering internationally and circumvents the issues which usually trip up such players.  These issues include things such as quick withdrawals of funds and easy currency exchange.   

Additionally, the anonymity afforded makes digital tracking a practical non-issue.  Staying anonymous has been something which sports bettors have struggled with for decades now, especially with the advent of online betting. 

This creates a world where moving money internationally is not only easier than ever but safer than ever too.  And no part of the sports betting process is more important than having anonymity dring the deposit stage.  The Blockchain protocols keep the users and transactions free and clear of any money trail which would usually be left behind from deposits or withdrawals.   

When betting with Cryptocurrency the only relevant information sent is the actual currency itself.   Any further details about you or your bank account are never provided when transferring of Crypto funds.  Simply put, this alone should be sufficient enough for many sports bettors to make the jump into 2020 by opening a Cryptocurrency account. 

If you or your clients need further convincing, another advantage to Crypto is the fast and free deposits that are offered my many outlets worldwide. Most are accustomed to bookmakers using a traditional currency which takes time to process for a number of frustrating reasons.  Luckily, sending funds via Crypto is instantaneous.  This is a massive boon to sports bettors who need to move money frequently between their sportsbook accounts or bank accounts. 

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a highly regarded digital verification process that adds yet another layer of protection to your sports betting account.  It cranks your security level up to 11 when compared to single-factor authentication which is essentially a username and password.  Adding that layer of extra security by adding a cell-phone or other device can really lock down your account from being infiltrated.

As you can see, the upsides of offering Cryptocurrency are large for both you as a Per Head agent in 2020, and also your players.  It will not only make your currency clients happier but also entice others to your sportsbook.  It takes a bit to get the hang of but is well worth the time spent in the beginning. 

Live Betting will Continue to Grow

As technology and software continue to make advancements, the sports betting industry evolves along with it.  Live wagering has become one of the most dynamic and exciting things to happen to the sports betting industry in decades and continues to expand in popularity. 

In-play betting creates a unique experience when compared to traditional pregame betting and has garnered a lot of attention in the industry.  Players are drawn to it for a number of important reasons. 

First and foremost, it is just damn exciting.  Pay Per Head’s TruLive Wagering allows for bets to be made on the spot in a number of different ways, which is great in 2020.  Say you are betting an NFL game, you can bet on everything down to the outcome of the next play.  Same for MLB where next pitch odds are available from March to October. 

Live betting also cuts out of a lot of the time which sports bettors spend with pregame handicapping. It allows for a different kind of sports betting, one which is more focused on reading the game as opposed to sifting through pages of stats. Players can watch the flow of the game, read the market and bet accordingly in real-time with live odds.

Historically bets were all made pregame and were limited to a number of parameters. And for the most part, the same types of bets that are available than are available after the first whistle.  For example, in an NBA game, the standard live bets could be things such as live point totals, spreads, and moneyline bets.  More niche live bets can be things such as the score for the remainder of a current quarter or half, adjusted point spreads and even live player props to consider. 

The power of our TruLive wagering software is vast and can be a big selling point to your sportsbook’s clients.

Utilizing Online Marketing for your Online Sportsbook

If you want to maximize your clients and the amount they are betting, maintaining a strong online presence is paramount.  There are a number of tools that can aid in the expansion of your sportsbook business which requires your consideration. 

First off, consider starting a sports betting blog that you update weekly with current news and promotions.  Blog marketing is a powerful tool that will allow your online marketing goals to come to fruition.  Quality content still remains kind so optimize your online presence accordingly or find yourself missing out of a lot of revenue potential. 

The content which you produce should be aimed at attracting attention to your services along with informing the players you already have.  Set goals, create an editorial calendar and make a commitment to creating consistent blog entries.

Try to focus your content on anything and everything related to the online bookie business, especially your own.  Make yourself an authority in the industry and watch the new players file in to not only educate themselves but hopefully wager at your online book. 

When posting to your blog you should also remember to post concurrently on your social media accounts.  This is a great way to not only push traffic to your site but also expand your influence in the sports betting market.  Sites like Twitter and YouTube are chock full of sports bettors just itching for fresh, new content to consume. 

There is no set number for the number of posts you should be making, either on your blog or social media accounts.  It is vital to maintain enough frequency in order to keep your name out there consistently while making sure not to barrage your followers with too much information. 

Setting up a personal sportsbook marketing plan is not easy and takes time and care.  However, you can maintain a successful marketing campaign through hard work and consistent content across the board. 

Another strong marketing tool that Pay Per Head agents need to utilize in 2020 is the email or text blast.  This basically means that you are contacting your players and new leads on the regular to keep them in the loop of things going on at your sportsbook. 

By utilizing the player reports which all PayPerHead agents have access to, you can tailor your marketing materials accordingly.  Say you have a particular set of clients who have a strong preference for betting on college basketball.  You can create a weekly email to go out on Saturday’s which preview the weekend in college hoops along with updated future odds and props. 

This can also be used to spread the word on any possible promotions you are running out of your sportsbook that week. 

Say you want to create hype for the first week of March Madness.  You can create a promotion that grants players a free bet on the first round of play of the NCAA football Tournament.  This is a perfect thing to promote via email or text to get your clients betting early and often come Tourney time. 

Smart bookmakers know the value of managing their business at the highest level.  They do this as an online bookie it is important to pair your marketing strategy with a world-class software company.  At PayPerHead we pride ourselves on offering more than the competition at a better price.  While most Pay Per Head companies offers basically the same things, they are put together very differently with varying levels of support and reliability.

PayPerHead sportsbook software brings you the best of both worlds with features such as TruLive Wagering, our agent payment solutions and live casino experience

For more information call our hotline at 1-800-605-4767 or visit our free demo page here to get started on opening your personal sportsbook business today.

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