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Pay Per Head Casino Software

online sportsbook casino for pay per head

The ability of Pay Per Head agents to offer agents casino software is incredibly powerful and at times, underutilized.  Let’s examine what our PPH casino offers and how to sell it to your clients and keep profits at maximum capacity.

Online Casino Basics

With the NFL season in full swing, now is the time to grow interest in our pay per head casino software in preparation for the upcoming “slow season”.  As we all know, once the Super Bowl finishes up, the money coming into any sportsbook takes a steep dive. 

That downturn really bottoms out after March Madness and leaves most with just MLB to keep them afloat in the summer months.  Gambling at any casino has been a huge growth market over the last half-decade, but there is still time to hop on the gravy train.

Even better, research shows that younger gamblers are drawn to online casinos like moths to a porch light.  Our software provides an interactive betting experience really comes as close to the real thing as can be found online. 

A particular plus related to casino betting is that it’s available 24/7, all year round.  So with all that in mind, it becomes clear as to the advantages of betting with a digital casino.  Now that you know you want to offer this to your clients, what are some of the long and short term benefits of using the live casino?   

Per Head Bookie Benefits of Promoting Live Casino Software

The advantages to the live casino from the side of the bookmaker are numerous.  First off, as mentioned above, players have access to the live casino 24/7, all year round. 

This can be a big plus for a couple of reasons.  As we all know, when the spring/summer months are in full swing, your sportsbook might not be.  It’s a tough time of year for bookies, with most just taking action on Major League Baseball, if that. 

Enter the live casino experience. 

Not only do some of our PayPerHead online casino games return as much as 30% profit, but the average return is in the mid-20% range.  This can be attributed to the sheer speed at which these games are played.  A single hand of blackjack can be done in the blink of an eye and players being able to amass dozens of spins on a slot machine. 

This has the benefit of creating a situation that a player will just sit and compulsively be pressing a button or pulling a lever for hours at a time;  perhaps just out of sheer boredom. 

Sure, the live dealer games tend to play a bit slower, giving players more time to think and grow doubt.  But they are also, on average, more profitable over time than just taking straight bets at your sportsbook.  Plus, they have the added benefit of offering a compelling, sometimes exciting, betting experience for your clients. 

In light of all that, it’s really surprising that more agents don’t promote or worse yet, even offer live casinos to their clients. 

Many of those agents feel that it might be too hard to find players with their clientele comprised mainly of old school sports bettors who scoff at the idea of playing a “casino game”.  But when you take into account the returns up to 40%, it might be time to reconsider offering such games to your player base.  Or make it a mission to seek out and sign new players with a hunger for betting on table games and slots. 

Truly, just a little time invested to advertise this feature to current players can quickly and easily boost profits and even keep a struggling book in the black during a rough patch or sustain it through the low season. 

Player Benefits to Playing the Online Casino

The advantages of Live Casino software from the bookie’s side are obvious at this point.  But, how can agents make this an attractive feature to players and what does it offer them that sports betting cant?  Well first off, players can rest assured that our software is 100% legit and fair so clients can be confident they are playing a winnable game.  It is not an RNG-based operation and all action is strictly recorded for quality assurance.

The big draw for most players is the entertainment value it brings along with it.  A player can sit for hours on end at a table, chat with players and dealers whether when win or lose.  If you have a history as an online bookie who has offered casino before, you know how much can be made from one of these evenings.  Giving your players the opportunity to spend money in the hours you are sleeping feels real nice. 

The live casino not only give your clients something to be on in the downtimes of the year, but it also works in the same way from a day-to-day perspective.  Combining the live casino software with live wagering creates a two-headed monster of per head profit that allows you to not only keep the money rolling after the first whistle sounds but also after the last.  For example, a player makes a 100$ on Monday Night Football; then the game starts and the player makes a few more live bets before settling in to watch the 2nd half. 

Now content with just sitting around eating Cheetos, the player decides to head over and play a few hands of cards at the live casino while they enjoy the game, or even just pass the minutes during a halftime break.  This allows players to scratch that betting itch that might come up be it 2 pm or 2 am on any given day. 

More importantly, when it comes down to online card games, as an agent, you are only responsible for your player’s hands, wins, and losses.  The provider takes a small percentage but with the ratio of profits, it’s a small price to pay.  All in all, adding this feature to your online sportsbook will give you a winning edge to keep players playing or your website instead of venturing off to another casino site in order to blow his money. 

Getting Players to your Online Casino

Now that you are on board the live casino software hype train, you are ready to start promoting to your per head clients.  But just how does one go about doing that? 

First off, we need to let people know the benefits of the casino that we went over above in the hopes that alone will be enough to get them in the door. One of the more attractive aspects of our live casino experience is that of the low buy-in, making for a more enjoyable low stakes experience for most players. 

This is particularly attractive to newbies, who will more than likely want to dip their toes into the live casino experience before diving into the deep end.  When many sports bettors are laying 100$ per game on average, with each game taking three or more hours to complete.  All the while sweating out the win, cursing the tv or compulsively eating nachos on the couch.  Not the most relaxing of gambling experiences. 

Compared to that, the live casino experience offers a more laid back betting experience.  Get in, play a few hands and unwind after, or during, a particularly tough game, boxing match, or another sporting event.  Providing instant satisfaction for clients and instant profits for you, its a true win-win situation. 

The casino offers a level of extreme convenience to players as opposed to having to pick up and drive to their nearest casino to play cards or slots.  Be it on the mobile app or PC, players can gamble from the comfort and security of their own home, office, or even while traveling. 

And finally, our casino software features attractive, English-speaking, live dealers for an authentic casino experience.

For more information about our pay per head casino software and how to take your sportsbook to the next level, check out our information page here.  There’s typically a great promotion going on at Pay Per Head, so see what offers are on for today and get started now. Football season is well underway, but we’ve got plenty of action for your players all around. 

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