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pay per head bookmaking in 2010

Getting Started As Pay Per Head Bookie Agent

As a Pay Per Head bookie agent, you have access to a world-class turnkey online sportsbook at a fraction of what it would cost you to build your own from scratch. Make 2020 the year you chose to take a step toward financial independence.

For those unfamiliar with the pay per head industry, this article for you.  If you have aspirations of growing your bookie business or creating a new operation, this guide will help you learn what being a Pay Per Head bookie agent is all about and why you need the software.

Creating and digitizing your own sportsbook from soup to nuts would require a five-figure investment and tens of thousands a month for hosting and customer service wages alone.  In addition to such built-in fees, you will also be required to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape and continuously update your software, which could be another tens of thousands of dollars.  Add to all of that the headache of service outages, tech issues, software bugs or payment issues which you aren’t prepared to handle and it’s easy to see why everyone doesn’t open their own sportsbook. 

This is where great pay per head bookie agent software comes in.

At PayPerHead, we offer our clients the ability to launch their own custom sportsbook for a mere fraction of the cost of doing it on their own.  We provide all the software needed, our own customer service crew and an IT team to handle any software issues which will crop up.

You will be handed the keys to a customizable website all your own which your clients will be able to place wagers as they would at any other online sportsbook.  With competitive odds and all the bells and whistles of the big boys, Pay Per Head is a fast-growing industry within the sports betting community.

What is PayPerHead Software for Bookies?

“Pay per head” or “price per head”  refers to software provided to customers who want to manage their own personal online sportsbook and they pay a small fee “per head” or per player to use the software to run their book. 

Long gone are the days of stacks of ledgers and hours of putting pen to paper.  The new age of bookmaking has arrived. 

Modern bookmakers all use a variation of software which manages every single aspect of their sportsbook, leaving them time to make more important decisions for their business.

What makes PayPerHhead®  unique is that our customers pay a flat fee based on the number of players betting at their sportsbook.  We offer a number of price packages, which can be found here.  We only charge for players who have placed a bet within the specified period, so you are not charged for inactive players on your roster. 

You get your own website, access to software that allows you take bets 24/7, a trained staff of customer service representatives to handle any issues with your clients and tech professionals to help with any issues on that end. 

Basically, we offer you resources. 

Paying for our services not only affords you the use of our sportsbook software, but also a ton of additional features which will ensure you are operating at the highest level. 

PayPerHead Sportsbook Software Features

Our proprietary sportsbook software is provided right out of the gate to each and every Pay Per Head bookie agent for use by themselves and their group of players.  Once you have access to the software, you will have full control of every aspect of your growing online sportsbook from setting lines to max betting limits. 

Maybe you see a story break on social media about a star quarterback being a late scratch from a big game, you can slide right into your live odds board and adjust the lines before your players have a chance to make their adjusted wagers.

Say you have a player who has been beating you up in each and every UFC event so far this year.  Well, you can set limits, just for him if you want, on any and all future UFC fight cards. 

These are just a few basic examples of the freedom you have to manage your own sportsbook as you see fit.  You can let it run itself, or be involved in every aspect of your new income source.

Perhaps the most powerful tool we offer to sportsbook operators is the ability to create and mull over custom player reports.  These reports can be customized to such a degree which most agents won’t ever utilize, but the alpha bookies will spend hours combing through them on a weekly basis. 

This is because a pro agent understands the power of understanding their clients. 

As touched upon above, if you are getting beat by a specific player or on a particular sport, on a regular basis,  you might want to consider setting strict betting limits on such events in order to limit your exposure and protect yourself from unnecessary losses. 

The player reports are also a powerful tool when you are looking for ways to market your sportsbook online.  If you aren’t already self-marketing, you are missing out on a huge audience of potential profits.  This practice, in particular, is referring to marketing within your current player base, either through social media, text or email blasts.   It involves highlighting specific players with a strong proclivity for wagering or particular events.  For example, say you want to separate the NFL bettors from your NCAAF bettors for marketing purposes. 

This allows you to send targeted messages to the clients which will appreciate it the most.  Basically, you are going to send updated odds, injury reports, betting guides or any other relevant information to these two groups, but focused solely on the sports they prefer.  It does little for your business if you are forcing content on people who just aren’t interested in it.  So, find out what your clients like, make a list of their preferences and send targeted messages to them based on their interests. 

The final feature we want to touch upon here might be the most important for any online sportsbook manager.  That feature is iron-clad security.  At PayPerHead we fully understand that there is a lot of sensitive data involved with sports betting, both behind the counter and in front of it.  This is why we take strong steps to ensure you and your information are 100% secure from and malicious attacks. 

This includes, but is not limited to, multi-factor authentication, the ability to use cryptocurrency as your payment method and protection of your player’s information as well.

In truth, the above-listed bells and whistles are just the tip of the iceberg.  Agents also have access to full live casino software, a comprehensive live betting platform, and a game-changing layoff account.

These, combined with the previously mentioned perks, are more than enough for you to run and profit from a fully functioning online sportsbook. 

If you still have questions, you can follow the links within the article to explore each feature further, or head over to our tour page and experience a live demo of the product and what it can do for you. 

Our service team is standing by 24/7 to answer any and all questions you might still have and assist you with signing up as a pay per head bookie agent.  If you are an old school type you can also give us a ring, toll-free, at 1-800-605-4767 for a quick consultation with one of our PayPerHead customer service experts. 

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