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College football betting trends

NCAA Football Is Back! Here’s The Trends Online Bookies Should Know

NCAA College Football returns this weekend. Online bookie agents must be aware of the following trends. We discuss how online bookies can leverage the trends.

NCAA Football Betting Trends

Understanding the NCAA Football betting trends, and pretty much all betting trends, is imperative for online bookies to be successful.

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1. Casual players love to wager on favorites

Most per head agents know that casual players love to bet on favorites. Favorites are teams that give up points against the spread. Casual players bet on favorites because, often, they don’t handicap games as deeply as professional players do.

Knowing this football betting trend, per head agents can promote favorite betting to casual players. A great example was how some bookies offered better odds on New England, the favorite, to win Super Bowl 52.

Instead of offering New England at -3, some bookies offered New England at -2.5, or even -2. That caused an uptick in action on the Patriots.

2. Casual players bet on football games they can watch live

Every Saturday night from this Saturday to the end of the college football regular season, ESPN and ABC broadcasts at least one primetime game.

This Saturday, it’s Louisville vs #1 Alabama.

On Sunday, because it’s Week 1, ESPN broadcasts #8 Miami vs #25 LSU in primetime. Monday’s nationally broadcast primetime game is #20 Virginia Tech at #19 Florida State.

Because casual players most often bet on games they can watch, pay per head agents should promote this weekend’s nationally televised primetime college football games. When it comes to casual players, the most eyeballs leads to the most action.

3. Set up bet alerts for last year’s most active pro players

Bookie agents should set up bet alerts for last year’s most active pro players. When a pro player makes a wager, the bet alert pings the agent. The agent can then decide to use the line mover to change the line, set a schedule limit override, use their layoff account, or do nothing.

Steam betting is a real thing. It can happen to any online sportsbook operator at any time. Agents must plan to get ahead of steam betting. Bet alerts help bookie agents stay ahead.


4. Players juice parlay wagers with sure-thing moneylines

Casual and pro players alike put sure thing college football game moneyline wagers into parlays to juice potential profits. Prevent players from adding big moneyline wagers to parlays.

Better yet, per head agents should promote specific college football parlays that offer higher potential payouts. Online bookie agents can control parlay betting action by promoting specific parlay wagers.

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