Pay Per Head Agents Need Encrypted Messaging
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5 Reasons Pay Per Head Agents Need Encrypted Messaging

Safety, security, and anonymity are three things that all per head agents must offer their clients. A great way to ensure safety, security, and anonymity is to use encrypted messaging. understands these important added security features. That’s why they offer agent-to-agent encrypted messaging. Speak to your subagents with the added security of PayPerHead.

Plus, all agents get access to the latest payment system, designed for even more security.

Why Do Pay Per Head Agents Need Encrypted Messaging?

Encrypted messaging provides end-to-end security for text, email, and app messages when you deliver those messages to players, subagents, or other online bookie agents.

Check out the reasons why you need encrypted messaging.

1. Unencrypted messaging is risky

Although most of us secure our data when it’s resting in the cloud, our email accounts, on our phones, or in our email boxes, we can’t guarantee those messages are secure if and when we send them to other people.

Most hackers steal information while it’s in transit, while it goes from one endpoint to another. Unencrypted messaging is risky because if hackers can see it, they can steal it.

2. Hackers can’t read intercepted encrypted messages

A great aspect of encrypted messages is that even if hackers steal them, they can’t read them. Encrypted messaging doesn’t mean preventing hackers from stealing messages.

It means preventing hackers from seeing stolen messages.

3. Encrypted messages encrypt everything standard encryption doesn’t

Standard encryption works to prevent hackers from seeing the actual message. But, it doesn’t prevent hackers from seeing things like subject lines and email address. Full encrypted messaging secures the entire message.

Hackers can’t glean any information from messages online bookie agents send to their players and subagents. No email addresses, phone numbers, or subject line information.

4. Encrypted messaging ensure end-to-end security

By end-to-end security, we mean that encrypted messaging ensures security from sender to receiver.

Since hackers mostly steal information while it’s in transit, encrypted messaging ensures information is secure from per head agents to players and subagents.

5. Encrypted messaging maximizes your digital security

Nowadays, all of us must be aware of our digital security. Our digital lives are just as important as hour hard copy lives. Most of us pay our bills, check our bank accounts, and communicate over the Internet.

Whenever we do anything over the Internet there’s the chance that hackers could steal our information.

Encrypted messaging maximizes our digital security by providing security from one end to the other. For pay per head agents, encrypted messaging allows them to provide safety, security, and anonymity to their clients.

Pay per head agents must provide their players and subagents with the right customer support and service. Keeping their anonymity and securing their information is part of the customer experience.

Be sure you’re fully protected with the right sportsbook management software, upgrade your online bookie platform to They have exceptional security services, including agent-to-agent encrypted messaging & cryptocurrency payment options that keep every agent’s sportsbook in their control.

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