The Pay Per Head Tool Line-Up Every Bookie Needs For NFL Betting
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The NFL Pay Per Head Tool Line-Up Every Online Bookie Needs

Pay per head agents can’t go into the NFL Season without knowing their most important tools.

Check out a line-up of the tools that every bookie agent should employ this season.

NFL Betting: Pay Per Head Tools Every Online Bookie Needs

Remember, all of these tools are available through Partner up with the pioneers of the industry and get the premium white-labelled sportsbook software and start growing your sportsbook business.

1. Layoff account tool

Most agents aren’t expert NFL sports betting handicappers. Even agents that are expert NFL sports betting handicappers, don’t want to fool with trying to get the same amount of money on both sides of a spread.

The PayPerHead layoff account allows bookies to dampen risk when players have overbet one side of a spread. It’s the single most important tool for per head agents because it takes away the need to handicap games.

2. Line mover

The line mover is a premium tool only available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package, be sure to sign up today so you can put this tool to use.

You can use the line mover in three ways:

First, you can change lines to encourage betting. Study action on a specific game. Determine if you wish to encourage more action one side of the spread than another.

Change the line to reflect which way you wish to encourage action.

Second, you should use the line mover to prevent refunding wagers. Adding a half a point to all single digit spreads prevents you from having to refund any wagers.

Finally, you must never forget that your sportsbook is different than any other bookies’ sportsbook. Your players might love to wager on the Dallas Cowboys to cover in every game because you live in Austin.

Even if only 30% of the betting public likes Dallas to cover the spread, the action in your sportsbook might reflect Dallas as the favorite.

Change the betting lines commiserate with what your players do, not what other online bookie’s players do.

3. Hold percentage tool

After your sportsbook grades that week’s NFL games, study the hold percentage for each game. This should help you determine what tools to use in the future to manage action.

For example, you might place a schedule limit override the next time the Broncos play the Chargers because you noticed the action exceeded what you had anticipated.

Or, you could decide to change the line on the Browns game this coming week because the Browns have covered in 4 straight and your players know this.

4. Settle alert tool

Set up settle alerts for all players. Once the settle alert pings you, ask the player if you can make a payout or collect in cryptocurrency via PayPerHead’s new agent payment system. Quicker payouts and quicker collections are good for all per head agents and all players.

5. Mass editing tool

Don’t waste time. Use the mass editing tool to make mass edits for all players.

There’s only a few weeks left to cash in on the best deal of the year. Sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package today and get access to all the tools above, and more!

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