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super bowl 53 predictions

Bookie Predictions and Playbook To Keep Your Cash For Super Bowl 53

With only a few days until Super Bowl 53, one major betting line has shifted while a couple of others have remained exactly where they were hours after the AFC Championship. Pay per head agents must prepare for the major action arriving before and during Super Bowl 53, so today we’ll look at our predictions for you to keep your cash.

Super Bowl 53 Odds, Predictions and Playbook

Check out an update on ATS, moneyline, and over/under odds, predictions on all 3 for Super Bowl 53, and a reminder of how agents can keep the cash they make on the Vince Lombardi Trophy game.

Against the Spread Super Bowl 53 Odds

New England Patriots -2.5, -120, Los Angeles Rams +2.5, +100

Although the Rams opened as a -1 favorite, by the time some books had a chance to set the line, the Patriots had already dived to -2.5 favoritism.

That’s a massive 3.5 swing.

As of Jan. 30, no late money has gone on the Rams. So much money has continued to flow onto the Patriots that they’re at -2.5, -120.

The Rams might garner some love from pro players. If they don’t, there’s no need to worry. Just change the line, or cut off wagering.

You own your own sportsbook. So, you make decisions that are best for you.

Also, most definitely use your layoff account if one side’s overplayed.

Over/Under Total Odds: 58

The over/under total opened at 58.5. Like the against the spread line, the over/under total dived to 56.5. Even at 56.5, it garnered attention to, at one time, settle at 56. Right now, the line’s back up to 58.

What happened?

This is where the pro money’s gone. Instead of trying to figure out who covers the spread, the pros have jumped in on over the total. That caused late to the game casual players to go over.

What’s strange is that under 57 hits 69% of the time in many computer simulations.

Don’t be surprised if the money goes the other way again and the total drops from 58 to 56.5 right before kickoff.

The same pros that bet the line so hard to cause the steam that sent it upward, might bet it the other way to cause it to go down again.

No matter which way it goes, per head agents should use their layoff accounts to even out wagering on both over and under the total.

Moneyline Super Bowl 53 Odds Predictions

New England Patriots -145, Los Angeles Rams +115

The best course of action here is to set max betting limits on both moneylines.

Don’t mess around with Super Bowl moneylines.

The Rams can beat the Patriots while there’s no doubt the Patriots can beat the Rams.
-145 are horrible odds for a $200 player.

What about a $2,000 player? -145’s great odds if a player wants to lay $2,000 on the Pats. Don’t give a $2,000 player a chance to do that unless you want to.

Check out our Super Bowl 53 Prop Bet Infographic, and learn about how to handle the plethora of Super Bowl 53 odds, and how to handle the cash-flow

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