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College Basketball Tournament

College Basketball Tournament: Futures & Tips for Bookies

Odds for the NCAA March Madness Men’s College Basketball Tournament have changed significantly since the Selection Committee set the Round of 64 fields, and since the top 16 bracket predictions.

All online bookie agents (including you!) should keep reading to find out which teams are garnering the most action.

I also add tips on what agents should do to manage action on College Basketball Futures.

NCAA March Madness Update: College Basketball Futures & Tips

Check out a list of current 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament futures.

Virginia Cavaliers +550

Villanova Wildcats +600

Duke Blue Devils +650

Michigan State Spartans +750

Purdue Boilermakers +1200

Arizona Wildcats +1200

Bookies – Set Up Your Sportsbook

Virginia was a 6 to 1 fourth choice right after the Selection Committee set odds. The Cavaliers weren’t favored to win the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Amazingly, sports bettors dumped on the Cavaliers.

Now, the Cavaliers are a solid 5.5 to 1 chalk to win the 2018 March Madness Tournament.

How should per head agents handle betting on the Virginia Cavaliers? They should handle the Cavaliers like any other team in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Don’t set overall max betting limits.

The 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is the one sporting event where the odds to win the NCAA Tournament are much lower than the true odds to win the Tournament.

For example, Las Vegas set the odds on Villanova at 7/2 to win the NCAA Tournament. Villanova is now 6 to 1. That means sports bettors jump on Duke, Virginia, and Michigan State before betting on Villanova.

What it means is that action is across the board on who will win the 2018 Final Four. For you, the per head agent, this is like accepting gold without having to mind the gold yourself.

It’s important to note that a team will win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

If you’ve received $10,000 on Villanova to win the NCAA College Basketball Tournament and you aren’t comfortable with the payout, absolutely cut off betting.

However, based on where the action is going, you might not receive close to your cut off point on any single team in the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

If you don’t want to risk it, make sure max betting limits are in place.

But, if you believe like so many college basketball handicappers do that this NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is one of the deepest in recent memory, let the future book money to ride.

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Who knows? You might not make out a single March Madness Tournament future payout after the NCAA College Basketball Championship.

That happens with the right sportsbook management software

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