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Pro Sports Bettors Strategies

Betting Strategies Pros Use

3 Betting Strategies Pros Use, And How You can use them too to Protect Your Profit!

Recently, Odds Shark published a great blog about 3 pro betting strategies.

The article correctly discusses 3 strategies that more than a few pro bettors employ to make money.

We’re not pro bettors, though. Who are we? We’re online bookie agents!

What it means is that we not only want to know what strategies pro bettors use, we also want to know how to counter those strategies.

Keep reading for info on how to do just that!

Specialist in One Sport

Most pro bettors do specialize in one sport. Pro bettors don’t just go out there and bet on anything that suits their fancy. They know which sport allows them to have the most success.

One thing about this strategy is that it often doesn’t work as well in MLB. The reason is that spread betting doesn’t exist in MLB.

Most pro MLB bettors wager on the money line instead of the run line.

Any time you’re a pro bettor that wagers on the money line, you’re bound to put a ton of dollars on only a few bets.

It’s easy for per head agents to counter this strategy by simply setting max betting limits on money line wagers.

To counter against the spread pro bettors who employ the specialist strategy, utilizing the layoff account might be the way to go. Pro bettors are called pro bettors for a reason.

Fade the Public

All pro sports bettors fade the public. If they don’t fade the public, they’re not really a pro sports bettor. Fading the public simply means waiting for the optimal betting line.

The optimal betting line occurs when the public over bets one team against the spread. Once that team is overbet against the spread, pro sports bettors handicap to see if the new spread favors the other side of the wager.

That’s way all pro sports bettors fade the public. The goal, always, is to find optimal bets. It could be optimal bets in the same sport.

It doesn’t have to be.

Real optimal bets are created when the public puts too much money on one side of a spread as opposed to another.

You don’t want to fade pro bettors. That’s why you use your layoff account based on what pro bettors have wagered, not what the public has wagered.

This won’t always be the case. It should be the case most of the time, though.

Injury Info and Personnel Moves

All sports bettors, pro or casual, use injury information. Injury information isn’t always easy to come by. Personnel moves can also be difficult to discover. But, it’s not a lost cause.

Pro bettors might have a couple of key pieces of information. Use your layoff account to cut any potential losses.

When it comes to casual bettors, things are somewhat different. Casual bettors are likely to follow the money. What it means is that casual bettors will jump on a betting line after a pro bettor has wagered on the line.

There are several ways per head agents can counter this. They can decide to use their layoff accounts. They can take the game off the board after the pro has wagered on it.

Or, they can check injury reports, offered with PayPerHead’s Prime Package, and change betting lines before the pro sports bettor places her bet.

It’s up to you, the online bookie agent.

Being able to uncover and counteract pro sports bettors will help you run a successful online bookie business.

Having the right tools and reports, such as the injury report and line mover, will ensure you have the right knowledge and power to protect your bottom line.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package is designed to protect your wallet and keep your business profitable. Sign up today before a pro sports bettor clears you out.

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