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16 Bracket for NCAA Tournament

Online Bookie Tips: Prepare for the Top 16 Bracket For March Madness

Although the Top 16 Bracket could easily change, for now, it’s a great barometer for online bookie age0nts of which teams sports bettors are looking to bet to win the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

March Madness Top 16 Bracket

I’ve listed the teams in the Top 16 Bracket. I also write some thoughts on which teams sports bettors will look to bet.

1. Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Purdue

Virginia should garner some attention. Over the weekend, the Cavaliers lost at home in overtime to rival Virginia Tech. UVA didn’t look good at all in that game.

Villanova could be without Eric Paschall and Phillip Booth. Xavier is a top team in the strong Big East while Purdue is an overall great college basketball team.

Villanova and Virginia might not get as much love as Xavier and Purdue. Be careful because both Xavier and Purdue offer higher odds to win the NCAA Tournament than either Virginia or Villanova.

Also, don’t forget that 1-seeds have done well in the NCAA Tournament the past few years.

2. Auburn, Kansas, Duke, Cincinnati

Kansas will get some love. Auburn shouldn’t get much love.

Cincinnati is a sneaky good team that’s offering very good odds to win the title. The Bearcats could be a wise guy’s choice in your sportsbook. <strong?make sure=”” betting=”” limits=”” are=”” in=”” place.<=”” strong=””></strong?make>

Duke, year in and year out, is one of the most popular teams to bet to win the NCAA Tournament. This year should be no different. If the Blue Devils gel, they’ll have a shot at the championship.

Clemson, Texas Tech, Michigan State, North Carolina.

Surprisingly, 5/1 choice Michigan State hasn’t made it out of Round 2 in the past couple of NCAA Tournaments. Michigan State might not be better than Purdue.

Most pro bettors won’t back the Spartans.

Clemson and Texas Tech are decent teams, but they shouldn’t come close to becoming the bettors’ choice North Carolina, on the other hand, has a huge shot to repeat as National Champions.

The Tar Heels appear to be peaking at the right time.

It’s imperative that pay per head agents place betting limits on the North Carolina Tar Heels. Their current odds to win the whole enchilada are a juicy 20 to 1.

4. Tennessee, Ohio State, Arizona, Oklahoma

Oklahoma will get some play. The likely Naismith Award winner, Trae Young, hits the hardcourt for the Sooners. Ohio State could get some play as well.

Tennessee? There won’t be many bettors that believe the Vols can win the College Basketball National Championship.

Arizona is the team to watch. At odds of 14 to 1, there are all sorts of reasons to believe the Wildcats win the National Championship.

Online bookie agents should make sure that betting limits have been placed on Arizona.

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