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Updated Super Bowl LV Betting Odds & How to Manage

Updated Super Bowl LV Betting Odds & How to Manage

Eight teams have emerged as favorites to win the 2021 Vince Lombardi Trophy. Those eight teams figure to attract most, if not all, of the Super Bowl LV future action in your sports betting software book.

As we move further into the second half of the NFL season, a few things have emerged. Tom Brady hasn’t lost a step, the Baltimore Ravens aren’t the same team as they were from last season, and Russell Wilson isn’t a lock to win the NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

We’ve also learned that the NFL’s decision to have teams play in their stadiums has turned out to be correct. A couple of coronavirus pandemic hiccups happened earlier in the season. But since then, teams have handled the new protocols well. 

One more thing we’ve learned? When it comes to sports and television, the National Football League remains king. Although like MLB and the NBA, the NFL’s ratings have declined, they’ve only dropped 6% this season. Furthermore, as the season has progressed, the ratings have gotten better.

Pay per head agents, those that use bookie software, don’t care so much about ratings. What they do care about is taking a hit in their gambling businesses on Super Bowl LV betting futures.

Bookies should pay attention to the action on the following eight teams. The top four figure to garner the most action. 

The bottom four could be paper tigers. We discuss all eight teams and also talk about max betting limits. 

Four Super Bowl contenders that could hurt your white label sportsbook

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have a terrible rush defense. But the rush defense was nothing to write home about last season, either. As long as Patrick Mahomes sits under center, Kansas City remains a favorite to win the championship.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Heading into Week 11, the Steelers are the last undefeated team standing. Pittsburgh does everything well. They’re as solid of a Super Bowl favorite as they come. The worst part for bookmakers? The odds remain around +500. That’s 5-to-1 on a great football team to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. 

New Orleans Saints

Watch the Saints in their Week 11 game versus the Falcons. If New Orleans can beat Atlanta leaning on Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston, they’ll attract more action because Drew Brees should return in two to three weeks. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Two of Tampa Bay’s three losses happened versus the New Orleans Saints. If Tampa Bay can fix their N’awlins issue, they can win the NFC, which means they can win the Super Bowl. 

Bookies should set max betting limits on all future, moneyline, and parlay bets. They can use their PayPerHead sportsbook software to set betting limits on all players for all teams. 

If you’ve already received a ton of action on any of the above franchises, you may have to take another step. There’s nothing wrong with pulling a sports betting option off the board. When it comes to future betting, odds are much higher than on individual games.

The higher the risk, the more a bookie must pay attention. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints offer around +700 odds to win the Super Bowl. That’s seven times your customer’s wager. Be careful about accepting large bets on real contenders like the Saints and Bucs.   

Four likely Super Bowl pretenders 

Seattle Seahawks

Not counting their Nov. 19 game against the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks have lost 3-of-4, and Russell Wilson has become a turnover machine. Also, the defense ranks dead last in yards allowed per game.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers have lost two games this season. But there are signs they may not be the formidable playoff team that so many believed. They struggled to beat Jacksonville by 4 points as a -13 ½ favorite in Week 10. They lost to Minnesota, and Tampa beat them 38-10. Green Bay’s defense has shown signs of wear and tear. Aaron Rodgers and his mates are a tough team to back to win the Bowl at this point in the season.

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson struggles when defenses force him to pass the football. The Ravens’ defense doesn’t always play as well as it can. Those are the two reasons to discount Baltimore’s chances. 

Buffalo Bills

In 2019, the Bills leaned on their defense. In 2020, they’re relying on their offense, which wouldn’t be an issue, except Buffalo’s defense is a mess. It allows 135 rushing yards per game. That won’t cut it in the playoffs.  

As of NFL Week 11, none of the above four teams appear capable of winning the Super Bowl. Not all football handicappers will make early Super Bowl LV betting picks, meaning you may not have received any action on these four squads. 

Set max betting limits for sure. But consider allowing more run on the above four teams than on the four highlighted in the previous section.

Growing your gambling business requires more than the basics

Not all per head software is the same. Some bookies prefer to stick to the “how to run a small sportsbook” basics, meaning they’re fine offering sports betting options, a digital casino, and a digital racebook.

Most, though, want to make as much money as possible and grow their sportsbooks. Those bookies require more options than just the basics. With PayPerHead, you get the Live+ in-game betting platform, which provides your customers game trackers and video streams. The  Premium Live Dealer casino has more blackjack tables, which means your players will never struggle to find an open seat.

You can also make online payments and collect via the Agent Payment Solution. Like most businesses, you are probably searching for extra income. The referral program puts $100 into your account as soon as a referred friend starts their sportsbook with PayPerHead. Then, you make 15% of their monthly deposits for up to a year. If you want to grow your business and make more money, is the way to go. 

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