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Football Live Betting Management Tips

Football Live Betting Management Tips

Making bets on football games has become one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Within the confines of football, wagering is football live betting. Check out tips on how you can manage your per head agent sportsbook to ensure you profit from live wagers.

Both the NFL and college football seasons have rolled along with hardly any difficult coronavirus incidents. A couple of teams in the National Football League have had to reschedule games. But for the most part, the NFL has played its regular schedule.

College football has also had hiccups. All Power 5 Conferences are finally in action, though. That’s allowed college football fans from coast to coast, and from everywhere in between the beaches, to cheer up and root for their favorite team.

Since we’re in the middle of both the NCAAF and NFL 2020-2021 seasons, we should consider how football live betting can boost your bottom line. Bookies that run pph sportsbooks with gambling software should always look for extra revenue streams, including live dealer casinos and racebook revenue.

Live betting on football is one such revenue stream. Let’s discuss how much money is possible on a single NFL Sunday should your players in total make live bets on each contest. Then, let’s talk about the tools you require to ensure you profit from live football bets.

Any given Sunday, there are football live betting possibilities

For this thought experiment, we’re going to set up a couple of parameters. First, your players wager on every NFL game before kickoff. That doesn’t mean every player wagers on every matchup. It means that in total you have at least one gridiron bet on each NFL contest every Sunday before kickoff.

Below is the schedule for Week 14 in the 2020 NFL Season.

  • Texans at Bears
  • Cowboys at Bengals
  • Packers at Lions
  • Chiefs at Dolphins
  • Cardinals at Giants
  • Vikings at Buccaneers
  • Broncos at Panthers
  • Titans at Jaguars
  • Colts at Raiders
  • Jets at Seahawks
  • Saints at Eagles
  • Falcons at Chargers
  • Washington Football Team at San Francisco
  • Steelers at Bills

When teams don’t have a bye, the NFL plays fourteen games on Sunday. If we stick to our parameter, that’s fourteen wagers, one on each game. Now, let’s say that your players make at least one live bet on each NFL game. That takes the total to twenty-eight wagers on a typical NFL Sunday.

The last thing to figure out is the average of each football wager before kickoff and the live betting. We’ll be conservative and say the total for each wager before kickoff is $50.

$50 x 14 = $700

For each live NFL bet, we’ll get even more conservative. Let’s say the bet is $25. 

$25 x 14 = $350

On every NFL Sunday with no teams on a bye, your sportsbook software could typically see around $1,050 in action. We’re conservative, though. Some players wager much more than $50 on a single game. They could wager up to $100 or more on a few games, making that $700 total look like an underwhelming NFL Sunday.

If that happens, football live betting becomes even more of a moneymaker. When NFL handicappers make live wagers, they typically make more than one. The reason? A game can last from 2 ½ to 3 ½ or even 4 hours. If players are involved in the game, they can make five to ten, sometimes even more live wagers.

Your pay per head live betting platforms increase handle

The Standard Live or TruLive Wagering platform offers more than live betting on NFL football, MLB, and NBA games. Offer the primary PayPerHead live betting platform to ensure your players can wager on almost any live game they wish.

If you want to increase live betting, particularly football, add the Live+ platform. Live+ provides a couple of advantages that will no doubt boost live betting action.

The first is a game tracker. The game tracker allows players to see real-time stats. Statistics arm football bettors with the information they can use to make informed bets on the fly. The second is video streams. By watching games, players get a visual sense of how teams are playing. They can then make educated wagers based on more than just stats. 

Set max betting and max payout limits

It’s good white label sportsbook practice to set payout limits and max betting limits on all football bets, live or not. Good management leads to profit. That’s true for every small business, including a gambling website company.

Only offers a couple of advantages that will help increase live betting. The Live+ platform offers a game tracker and video streams. The Agent Payment Solution (APS) allows agents to collect and pay online. The quicker agents pay online, the faster players can make wagers both before and during games. Import your players and start using the only pay per head industry system that allows for online payments and collections. 

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