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Consider Adding a Premium Casino Platform

Consider Adding a Premium Casino Platform

During the sports shutdown, plenty of players switched gears and headed to casinos. Not all casinos are the same, though, which is why most bookies should consider adding a premium casino to their gambling websites.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic affected every business in every industry, including online sportsbook owners. Many bookmakers had to change gears. No longer could they offer wagering on sports leagues like the NHL and the NBA. After the NCAA canceled the Men’s College Basketball Tournament, some bookie agents made up their minds to close shop.

Three things saved the small sportsbook industry, though. The word “flexibility” is at the core of why bookies must sign up with a pay per head service. While large Vegas sportsbooks and big online books struggled to encourage action on obscure events like 3-person hockey or ping-pong, many agents directed their customers to their live dealer and digital casinos.

Casino play provides terrific entertainment for minimal cost. Unlike a sports event, where a game could last up to four hours, players can pull virtual slot machine handles, play a few hands of blackjack, or spin the roulette wheel multiple times during 10-minutes of play or less.

That makes casino wagering more than attractive to stay at home workers hoping for low-cost entertainment after having watched everything of value on Netflix. For pph sportsbook agents, betting on casino games was a revelation, which is why many agents have already added a premium casino.

Casino bets will gain in popularity

Not all casinos are the same. Most bookie software agents understand this. If agents wish to run a low-cost, barebone sportsbook operation, they can afford to offer the least casino betting. At least, we mean the basics, online roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and a few slot machine games.

But if you want to create a white label sportsbook that helps you compete with your larger competitors, you must make your sportsbook more than just a place for your customers to bet on football, basketball, and baseball. 

Racebook betting is essential for sure. Adding a racebook alone won’t lead to more money in your pocket, though.

Premium casino play, like wagers on live dealer platforms, rose dramatically during the sports shutdowns. They’ve continued to increase steadily even after the NBA and NHL resumed play. Even with football in high-gear, wagers on casino platforms have continued to advance.

The enthusiasm surrounding casinos will only grow. No matter the sports season, casinos provide 24-hours a day, seven days a week entertainment. The entertainment provided is single moments, which means at no time will the pull on a slot machine be the same as a previous pull, meaning every casino play session is new and original. 

Give your players more of what they want – go premium

Casino players have choices. They mustn’t play exclusively with you. Players can decide to open multiple accounts on various betting sites. They can pick and choose where they want to wager on sports, casino, and horses.

Most bookies are in a constant struggle to satisfy player demands. That mustn’t be the case, though. Sports betting software bookies can offer a casino that provides almost everything a card or slot machine betting player requires. 

That includes the latest 3D games from the most popular and best game creators. Check out a list of why you should consider adding a premium casino to your gambling offerings.

  • 3D games – Offer the newest and most popular games, including Santa’s Shop, Gears of Time, Mr. Vegas, and Book of Darkness.
  • Open 24/7 – The casino never closes, which means your players can log on and make bets whenever they feel like it. It doesn’t matter the day or time.
  • Mobile friendly – Players can wager on the go. They mustn’t wait to get to their desktops to play. They can make wagers no matter where they are.

Gameplay mobility adds to the entertainment value because players can always check out Mr. Vegas or Gears of Time, or any of the newest 3D casino games when they’re bored. That’s one of the reasons the premium casino is so powerful. 

It provides a level of unseen loyalty. Also, the Premium Casino allows agents to see an automatic return on investment. They mustn’t wait for the end of the month. Bookies can see the prime casino make them money as the dollars hit their sites.

Upgrade your PayPerHead sportsbook and make more money

You should add a Premium Casino. Doing so will make you more money. But it would be best if you didn’t stop there. Also, add Live+ so that you can offer your players game trackers and video streams.

If you haven’t yet imported your players to, do so as soon as you can. We’re the only company that offers a referral program that pays you $100 as soon as your friend starts their sportsbook with us. You also get 15% of your friends’ monthly deposits for up to a year. We also provide the Agent Payment Solution, which allows you to make online payments and collections. Call us or sign-up to start a full-service sportsbook that will help you make more profit. 

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