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September Super Bowl 56 Odds

September Super Bowl 56 Odds: Which NFL Squads Do Players Favor Heading into October?

Although neither escaped the NFL season’s first month without a loss, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the top September Super Bowl 56 odds favorites. One of the remaining undefeated squads heading into NFL Week 4, a third team has become a co-second choice. 

It’s challenging to think of a more wild NFL September than the one we just witnessed. Among the four undefeated teams heading into the NFL’s fourth week, oddsmaking agents considered just one of them, the Los Angeles Rams, a preseason Super Bowl favorite.

Heading into the first week of play, the other four were underdogs to take the title. Before the season started, the Carolina Panthers were one of the biggest longshots on the board to win Super Bowl LVI.

But although Carolina, the Rams, the Arizona Cardinals, the Los Angeles Raiders, and the Denver Broncos will enter October undefeated, only the Rams have jumped into the top three as a Super Bowl favorite.

Most Lombardi Trophy future bets continue to land on the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Rams beat the Buccaneers in NFL Week 3, which is why Sean McVeigh and his squad are a top-three choice to win the title.

But what about the Broncos, Raiders, Cardinals, and Panthers? Also, why are the Chiefs the overall chalk even though they begin Halloween month with a 1-2 record?

Keep reading for an in-depth look at September Super Bowl 56 odds, why some players will call bookie agents looking to make money on the undefeated teams, and why you should consider limiting Super Bowl LVI odds action in your PPH sportsbook.

Super Bowl 56 futures money flows to Tampa and Kansas City in September

The Kansas City Chiefs will enter October as the favorite to win Super Bowl 56. Why do the futures show KC the chalk even though they lost two straight to end the month?

Demand could have something to do with it. Many agents who offer free betting software set limits on the Chiefs and the Buccaneers before the season. 

After KC lost their first game, some of those agents reopened their books. Savvy sports bettors know the Chiefs are awful at covering the spread.

Kansas City went 2-12 ATS in their last 14 heading into their October 3 contest against the Philadelphia Eagles. The fairest bet is on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl when it comes to Kansas City.

One thing to consider? The Chiefs send one of the worst defenses in the NFL to the gridiron. Unless KC solves that problem, they most likely won’t win the Super Bowl.

So before limiting bets to win the NFL Championship on KC, make sure to see if the Chiefs solve their run-stopping problems.  

Tampa’s issue is also on the defensive side of the ball. The Buccaneers are struggling against the pass. 

For some reason, the defensive line, which dominates against the rush, hasn’t pressured opposing quarterbacks. The Bucs rank an NFL worst in passing yards allowed per game. 

Many feel it’s a matter of time before Tampa solves their issue on defense. If they do, they should be a force.

Under the care of seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady, the offense will continue to carry its weight.   

The L.A. Rams become a co-second choice. The Cardinals might be good but not great

September Super Bowl 56 odds make the Rams the co-second choice with Tampa to win this season’s Super Bowl. The odds change started a week before their 10-point win versus the Buccaneers and then went into full-on chalk mode after Stafford outdueled Brady.

In October, the Rams’ Vince Lombardi Trophy odds should continue to fall. Los Angeles is the best team in the NFC West. 

Seattle’s defense gives up more yards per game than any team in the league. The Seahawks won’t beat teams like the Rams and Cardinals unless they solve their issues on D. 

The Cardinals are a solid group. But we must question how good of a team Zona is. 

Arizona has gone 3-0 after beating the Titans, Vikings, and Jaguars. Not only that, but Arizona has a brutal stretch starting in NFL Week 4 when they dance with the Rams at Sofi Stadium in Inglewood.

In NFL Week 5, the Cards host the 49ers at State Farm Stadium. Then the next week, Kyler Murray leads the Desert Birds to Cleveland to throw down against Baker Mayfield and the Browns.

Arizona allows 140.7 rushing yards per. The stat ranks Zona fourth-worst in rushing yards allowed per game. The Rams, 49ers, and Browns are excellent rushing teams.

There’s a good chance the Cards fall back to earth. If Arizona wins all three, every bookie on the planet should consider limiting Super Bowl LVI bets on the Cardinals.      

Panthers, Broncos, and Raiders remain Super Bowl LVI underdogs

Let’s start with the team that could implode. In the Raiders’ third game, Las Vegas got lucky versus the Tua Tagovailoa-less Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins rallied to push the game into overtime. LV escaped with a win. In their fourth game, the Raiders face the Los Angeles Chargers on NFL Monday Night Football.

If the Raiders beat the Chargers, consider setting Super Bowl odds limits. Allowing your players to bet on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl could lead to considerable profit. 

Why? Because if the Raiders lose to the Chargers, especially if they lose by a healthy margin, it means Las Vegas has returned to the norm. 

The Raiders are a decent team. The remaining schedule is brutal, though, with matchups against the Dallas Cowboys, twice versus both Kansas City and Denver, the Chargers again, and a game against the Cleveland Browns. 

The Denver Broncos send the second-best defense in the NFL to the gridiron. Former Viking and Saint Teddy Bridgewater is completing 76.3% of his passes. 

Bridgewater has thrown for 827 yards and 4 TDs. He hasn’t thrown a pick.

In early August, odds on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl dropped to +1800 after opening at around +2800. Denver was a +2200 choice before their game versus the Baltimore Ravens on October 3.

Because their defense is fantastic, the Broncos should continue to win football games. Beware big bets on the Ponies to take the Super Bowl. 

Oddsmakers and some online bookie agents continue to devalue the Carolina Panthers. Carolina is a September Super Bowl 56 odds overlay at +4000. 

There are a couple of reasons not paying attention to the Panthers could be a mistake. First, Sam Darnold is having a great season. 

Darnold was stuck in the career-ending ditch called the New York Jets. Now that he plays for an organization that wants to win, Darnold has excelled. Heading into Carolina’s fourth game, the former USC Trojan completes 68% of his passes and has thrown a single pick. 

Carolina also fields the best defense in the NFL. Opponents average 191 yards per game versus the Panthers.

Some Reddit sportsbook players are on fire about the Panthers. Agents must keep tabs on the action that lands on Carolina to win the NFL Championship.

Manage Super Bowl LVI Odds with PayPerHead software

Super Bowl 56 odds from September point to action continuing to flow to the Bucs, Rams, and Chiefs in October. Many players believe Tampa Bay and Kansas City fix their defensive issues while the Rams continue to win games.

Whether you decide to limit Super Bowl odds betting or not, you should consider importing your players to PayPerHead. Our bookie software provides advantages that other software doesn’t, including making online player payments and collecting online.

If you sign-up soon, you pay $3 per head from the moment you activate your account to Super Bowl 56 on February 13, 2022. Call 1-800-605-4767 for details. 

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