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Become A 2020 PayPerHead Bookie

So, you want to start a new career as a PayPerHead bookie in 2020 and need some tips?  Look no further than this how-to guide on getting started. 

For any of you uninitiated into the world of PayPerHead bookies in 2020, this article has your name written all over it.  Those of you who have always wanted to open up an independent sportsbook this guide aims to inform you about the basics of opening the doors of your very own bookie operation.

Creating and operating a digital sportsbook from the ground up without a Pay Per Head service would require you to make a massive investment into your new venture.  In fact, to do it right, you would have initial costs into the six-figures to have a prayer at competing with all the established offshore outlets and try to sway their customers over to you. 

In addition to all the capital you must have ahead of time, you will also be looking at operation fees that could easily reach over $10,000 a month or beyond.  Add to all of this the headaches involved with such a venture, consisting of things such as software issues, outages or problems with payments.  These are not issues that most people are capable of dealing with on a daily basis for an extended period of time.  Sure, you could hire a full staff to help.  But think about what that might add to your monthly overhead and it’s clear why we don’t see sportsbooks popping up all over the place. 

This is where 2020 PayPerHead software service comes into play. 

Our proprietary software allows our customers the ability to launch their very own independent sportsbook, from soup to nuts, within the course of an afternoon. 

Not only will things go quickly, but the cost to you will be far more digestible than the alternative.  In fact, you just need to make an initial payment of $25 to get started.  This provides everything you need to get started and succeed such as a customer service team and personal website to use. 

With a minimal investment in both time and money, you will be given the wheel of your very own customizable sportsbook to allow clients to wager online.  With all the bells and whistles which are usually reserved for a multi-million dollar sportsbook, you will be given the best chance at succeeding in such a fast-growing industry.

What Does PayPerHead Bookie Software Offer?

First off, the name Pay Per Head.

When you operate a PayPerHead sportsbook in 2020 you are paying a small fee based on the number of players betting with you.  A nice feature is that we go week to week and not monthly.  This means that players who don’t bet in any given week are not charged to you; thus, you from paying for inactive players and taking them off your books. 

The software is the main feature you are paying for with our service.  The days of requiring all transactions to be put on paper, reams of notebooks and long hours of grading tickets and doing accounting are gone. 

The bookmakers of the next decade will continue to separate themselves from those days with continued incorporation of technology and A.I.  Our software has the ability to manage each and every aspect of your sportsbook and leaves you more time to spend your life spending profits.

PayPerHead delivers great resources in 2020. 

First, you get your own website that your clients have access to 24/7.  Our sites can be customized in a multitude of ways which you can ask our representatives about in the live chat on this page.

In addition to that, you and your clients will also have access to round-the-clock customer service and IT help for any issues which might pop up unexpectedly.  This can save you a lot of time and money by allowing you to minimize your exposure to issues that your players might have with the interface. 

Your client can even reach out to customer service with questions about how to use a certain feature.  This, of course, extends to the bookie as well.  Being a new sportsbook manager will bring up a lot of questions that you will need to be answered and we’ve got your back. 

PayPerHead Bookie software features are extensive and state of the art

Once you have accessed the software you will be in total control of all the workings of your independent sportsbook.  You can adjust and tinker with almost every feature from odds, to betting limits to special deals. 

So how can features like this work for you?

Well, a quick and dirty example would be how to use the ability to adjust odds on the fly.  Say you are surfing the interwebs on Twitter and happen to see a breaking story about Tom Brady being a late scratch for Sunday Night Football this week.  It’s no surprise that news travels fast, but you are one of the first people to see it as new breaks online.  Right time right place you know?  This gives you a small amount of time to hit your sportsbook and adjust the lines where you want them as the big books and your clients scramble to make a move.  As a small operation, you have the luxury of making such a quick pivot based on late-breaking news. 

Another fantastically useful feature is the ability to set betting limits on sports, days, or even specific players.  Let’s create another basic example of a hypothetical situation this could be handy in helping with.  Say you have a high roller who is just killing you in the UFC over the last few main events.  Enough that you are suffering losses to just one person which are taking a big chunk out of your bottom line.  If a situation like this pops up you can simply just limit the bets or total money available for that bettor to make on UFC events.  If might not make them happy but better keep them around and betting than cutting them off altogether. 

Obviously, these are very simple examples but do well to highlight the basic functions of a couple of our more popular features. 

But how does a bookie access all this information to mull over?

Well, that is perhaps our most powerful feature.

We offer the ability to create and comb-over highly customizable player reports.  These reports can be overwhelming at first, especially with a large player base.  But every single PayPerHead agent with high-profit margins utilizes these reports to be sure.  The best of the best spend most of their time at work with these reports in fact.

Much like running any business, the professionals understand the power of client preferences.

These reports are a must-have when looking to use the other features of your book and maximize profits. 

As mentioned above, finding players who are betting and winning too much on particular sports can be highlighted and dealt with.  It helps to cover yourself from getting exposed and is the type of thing that is hard to keep track of manually. 

You can also use these reports to effectively market your sportsbook to your clients in another bid to keep bets rolling in.  This will allow you to practice targeted marketing at your players based on their preferences.  Say you are trying hard to push the NFL on your clients but your player reports show that only 25% of your stable bets NFL with the rest wagering on NBA exclusively.  This might convince you to stop spinning your wheels trying to get NFL action and instead spend your time promoting NBA hoops games.

You can utilize text or email “blasts” which highlight steam moves, games of note this week and even NBA betting reports for each and every team.  The idea here is to drum up interest and remind your clients that there is an NBA game going on tonight and not to miss out.  Fear of missing out or FOMO can be used as a powerful marketing tool in order to create hype for an event that might be lacking in interest.

Essentially, find out what your players like and do your best to cater to them.  Otherwise, it’s like opening up a restaurant and only cooking the food you want to eat and ignoring your customers. 

If you still have questions about how how to become a bookie or how PayPerHead works in 2020, you can follow some of the links within this article to explore features and pricing or head over to our tour page for a live demonstration of our powerful software. Also, be sure to check out our promotions page to see what special offers we have on offer right now.   

Additionally, our customer service squad is on-call 24/7 to answer any additional questions you might have and can walk you through the process of signing up.  You can also go old school and call us, toll-free, at 1-800-605-4767 for a live chat with one of our reps and receive a consultation with one of our experts.


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