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NFL Playoffs 2022

NFL Playoffs 2022: Green Bay Holds the Strongest Hand

The 2022 NFL Playoffs kicks off on Saturday, January 15, with the first wild card games. Saturday has two wild card games. Four wild card games happen on Sunday, January 16. Keep reading for profiles of the teams players will call bookie agents looking to back. 

The 2022 NFL Playoffs are here. Heading into the postseason, Green Bay is the NFC’s top seed. 

Over in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans hold the dominant hands. Kansas City is the defending AFC Champion. 

But although Kansas City, Tennessee, and Green Bay look best, other teams in the eight divisions have a chance for a successful NFL Playoff. 

NFL Playoffs 2022NFC Playoffs – Road to the Super Bowl goes through Green Bay

1-Green Bay Packers

 The 1-seed in the 2022 NFL Playoffs, the Green Bay Packers get two weeks off instead of just one. Because the Pack secured the first seed in NFL Week 17, Green Bay could rest players against the Detroit Lions in NFL Week 18.

Home field this season is no guarantee. Also, spreads tighten during the NFL Playoffs. So don’t use your layoff account in Green Bay Packers’ matchups without first handicapping games yourself. 

The New Orleans Saints blasted the Green Bay Packers in NFL Week 1. The victory showed that, sometimes, when a team takes time off, they don’t come back as sharp as before.   

2-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers must start their quest for back-to-back Super Bowls during the first-ever NFL Super Wild Card Weekend. Luckily for Tampa, their first opponent are the Philadelphia Eagles. 

But although Tampa lost home field to the Green Bay Packers, we shouldn’t discount Tom Brady and the Bucs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t have home field last season and won all their road NFL Playoff games. 

All they did was beat the WFT as a favorite and then run off three straight wins as an underdog against the spread. So even though the rival New Orleans Saints beat the Bucs, Tampa Bay dominated the rest of their conference games and was great during the rest of the regular season.

Players figure to call bookie agents to back the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl should they impress against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

3-Dallas Cowboys

Starting from NFL Week 1, when the Dallas Cowboys hung with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a +8 underdog, sportsbook software agents knew the 2021-2022 Dallas Cowboys were different than the team from past seasons. 

For sure, the Dallas Cowboys are a Lombardi Trophy contender. If Dallas can get by San Francisco in their first NFL Playoffs game in 2022, they should remain in playoff contention, possibly until the NFC Championship. 

The lone knock is that the Cowboys didn’t beat great teams down the stretch. Beating the New Orleans Saints happened because Saints quarterback Taysom Hill was hurt.   

4-Los Angeles Rams

From Week 14 through Week 17, the Rams beat the Cardinals, Seahawks, Vikings, and Ravens. But a Week 18 loss to the San Francisco 49ers sent the Rams from the 2-seed to the 4-seed.

The Rams look to bounce back with a solid effort against the Arizona Cardinals. Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp is a big reason the Rams average 27.3 points per, ranking ninth in the league.

This season, Matthew Stafford threw four pick-sixes and eight total interceptions on the Rams’ side of the field. The Rams got into playoff contention because of their defense. 

But they will require Stafford to have more than one great game to win the conference. 

NFC Wild Card Teams

5-Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals, like NFC West rivals the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers, made the playoffs. But their 2022 NFL Playoffs schedule is challenging because the Cards didn’t win their division.  

The Arizona Cardinals’ first playoff game happens on Monday, January 17. The Cards take on the rival Los Angeles Rams on Monday night. 

PPH Bookie agents should know that Zona provided a late-season collapse, losing 5-of-6. Also, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is short. 

6-San Francisco 49ers

Along with the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams, the San Francisco 49ers are the third to make the postseason. 

The 49ers came back from down 17 points versus the Rams in the final weekend to grab a playoff spot and knock the New Orleans Saints from playoff contention. 

San Francisco is going off at overlay odds. Unless the Cowboys beat them, the 49ers should win multiple NFL Playoff games. Since Week 1, the Niners are almost one-hundred percent healthy for the first time. 

7-Philadelphia Eagles 

It’s tough to knock the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys ran away with the NFC East division. The Eagles had to battle to get into playoff contention, but the NFL Playoff bracket spot makes the eagles a long shot.  

The fact Philly not only got into NFL 2022 playoffs contention but ended up securing the final spot, though, is enormous. 

In the regular season’s second half, the Eagles beat the New York Giants twice, the Washington Football Team twice, and the New York Jets once on their way to winning 5-of-6. 

No wonder the Eagles made the playoffs instead of the New Orleans Saints. Upsetting Brady and the Bucs are a long shot.  

NFC Playoffs – Kansas City and Tennessee Look Best

NFL Playoffs 2022

1-Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans beat both the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills this season, which is why the Titans landed the home field throughout the AFC Playoffs.

Star running back Derrick Henry will step onto the field in the divisional round. Tennessee got to skip a wild card game giving the Titans a huge chance to win the AFC.

2-Kansas City Chiefs

On paper, it looks as if Kansas City should have no trouble trouncing the Pittsburgh Steelers and winning their wild card game. The Chiefs blasted the Steelers 36-10 in a regular season game.

But after that, Kansas City’s 2022 NFL Playoffs schedule gets tough. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers, though, fought hard to get into playoff contention. Not only that, but the spread line insists bookmaker software agents will have to use their layoff account.

KC lost to the Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Bengals, and Buffalo Bills, which means the AFC West winner is 0-3 versus the other division winners. 

Kansas City is prone to an upset loss during the playoffs. Dig deep before using your layoff account. 

3-Buffalo Bills

Buffalo could have a deep playoff run if they can beat the AFC East rival New England Patriots in their wild card round matchup.

It all starts with Josh Allen. The Bills starting quarterback threw for 4,407 yards and tossed 36 touchdown passes. In the second game, Allen also dusted the Patriots by throwing for 314 yards and 3 TDs.

Like the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bills could pose a PPH services threat. Buffalo has a great defense, so the Bills will be tough to beat if Allen plays well.   

4-Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC North. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the other team from the North. 

In his final two games, Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow was unreal, throwing for a combined 971 yards and tossing 4 TDs. Burrow has weapons, giving the Bengals a real shot to win multiple NFL Playoff games.

AFC Wild Card Teams

5-Las Vegas Raiders

The NFL playoff bracket isn’t kind to the Raiders. Unless the Las Vegas Raiders step up enough against Cincinnati in their wild card round game, they won’t make it to the divisional round. 

6-New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are legit. But their wild card round draw did them no favors. 

New England must beat Buffalo for the second time this season.

If Bill Belichick’s team gets by the Bills in the wild card round, they can win the conference and even the Super Bowl. Use your bookie website layoff account if the Patriots end up playing in a  Divisional Round Saturday contest.  

7-Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers rallied to beat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime to notch their playoff berth. But although Pittsburgh played great to win and look like a better play than the Las Vegas Raiders, not even Ben Roethlisberger believes the Steelers can beat the Chiefs in their wild card matchup. 

But before writing off Pittsburgh, understand that T.J. Watt plays for the Steelers. So Pittsburgh has a better shot than the oddsmakers believe.  

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