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NHL Stanley Cup 2022 Odds Update

NHL Stanley Cup 2022 Odds Update

Although the NHL had to cancel multiple games heading into 2022, Lord Stanley’s hardware remains up for grabs. The National Hockey League won’t cancel the season, which is why putting money behind 2022 Stanley Cup winners remains a popular option. Check out our NHL Stanley Cup odds update where we lay out the teams your players are most likely to bet. 

So far this NHL season, some teams have lived up to their potential while others have ended up flat on their faces. The Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and Vegas Golden Knights have all performed well.

The Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, and Pittsburgh Penguins haven’t. Then some teams should have no chance to win the Cup, squads like the Detroit Red Wings and Anaheim Ducks.

We don’t go into detail regarding those franchises. Before getting into the update, make sure to set max betting limits on all options offering above +1000 odds. 

The chances players call bookie agents looking to bet on teams like the Ducks, and Red Wings aren’t great. But Anaheim and Detroit are a couple of the hottest teams in the league.

So if things continue as is, who knows? It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Now, let’s turn our attention to National Hockey League teams with legitimate chances of winning the Cup.   

2022 Stanley Cup Odds Update

NHL Eastern Conference Contenders

NHL Stanley Cup 2022 Odds Update


Tampa Bay Lightning

Heading into 2022, the 2020 winners boast one of the best records in hockey. Tampa shows no discernible flaws. The odds on the Lightning to repeat could make them a sports betting agent nightmare. Set odds betting limits for sure.  

Florida Panthers

Oddsmaking experts haven’t given the Florida Panthers their due. Florida is a good enough team to win it all, but the odds make them the fourth or fifth choice. 

If Florida keeps it up, they will make the playoffs. Once there, the Panthers could weather the injury bug much better than their rivals because they’re one of the deepest teams in the league. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

One of the preseason favorites, the Maple Leafs are contenders because they’ve finally discovered a defense to go along with their terrific frontline. Helping Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews out by playing top defense has given Maple Leafs fans a cause to expect a deep Stanley Cup run.

The 2022 Stanley Cup odds on Toronto have fallen to co-second choice. It’s only a matter of time before pay per head agents see massive dollars flow to the Leafs. 

Boston Bruins 

The Bruins have underperformed. In the first month of 2022, though, Boston provides NHL odds to win the Cup around +2000. PPH bookie agents should keep an on Boston action. 

If the Bruins get hot, set betting limits. If you’re too late, use your layoff account. 



Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes won their first nine games. Since the hot start to the season, Carolina has come back to the pack, which is why price per head bookmakers have seen Stanley Cup odds on Carolina drift above +1000. 

If Carolina shows any weakness in the second half of the season, their odds will undoubtedly rise above +2000. At that point, the Hurricanes become an overlay, meaning online bookie software agents should see plenty of action.  

Washington Capitals

Players will find Washington’s odds to win the Stanley Cup attractive. Alex Ovechkin is one of the best players in history. 

Sure, the Capitals are an older team. But they remain a contender to hoist the Cup. Don’t look past action on D.C. Washington can win Stanley Cup at much higher odds than they should. 

New York Rangers

Led by players like Artemi Panarin, the New York Rangers have finally become a Stanley Cup Final contender. Heading into 2022, Panarin has scored 10 goals in 31 games played.

He leads one of the better offenses in the National Hockey League. The current odds, +2500, make the Rangers a borderline underdog. 

At the odds, per head agents can expect plenty of action to fall to NYR. Set limits for sure.  

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens should win hockey games as long as Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin step onto the ice. NHL futures on Pittsburgh imply they make a deep run. 

It’s about injuries. Like many NHL teams, Toronto and Boston come to mind, Pittsburgh isn’t as deep as they may have to be to win the Stanley Cup. For sure, set betting limits if action sizzles, but if the Pens are dead on your free bookie software board, it might be okay to let action ride. 

NHL Western Conference Contenders

NHL Stanley Cup 2022 Odds Update


St. Louis Blues

In 2019, the St. Louis Blues ended a 52-year Stanley Cup drought. The Blues look like a genuine contender for the 2022 Cup. 

As of January 1, St. Louis had just nine non-overtime or shootout losses in 33 games. If the Blues continue dominating the way they have, their odds should dive. 

Like all contenders, set 2022 Stanley Cup to win odds based on the action that flows to your sportsbook software free site. 

Nashville Predators

The Preds made a few top five teams to win the Stanley Cup lists to start the season. Heading into 2022, Nashville has a record that implies a chance. 

But the odds to win the Stanley Cup on the Preds make them an underdog. Consider allowing action to ride. But keep in mind that dogs have won the Stanley Cup in the past. So set limits if you must. 

Minnesota Wild

The odds on the Wild have dropped big time. Minnesota is a +1100 choice heading into the New Year. 

Why the love for the Wild? Minnesota had an excellent 2020-2021 season. This season, the Wild have played great. They were 3 points behind Central-leading St. Louis to start the New Year. 

Only preseason favorite’s Colorado and Vegas offered lower odds to win the 2022 Stanley Cup from the Western Conference than Minnesota in early January. 

PPH sports agents should set max betting limits on the Wild. A few lucky breaks and Minnesota could grab the Stanley Cup.  

Colorado Avalanche

The preseason NHL betting favorite remains the top team to take Lord Stanley’s hardware in 2022. The Avs are Stanley Cup odds chalk even though they start the new year in fourth place behind the Blues, Predators, and Wild. 

For Colorado to win the Cup, they must have a much better NHL Playoffs than they did in 2021. No matter how talented, some teams don’t step it up in the postseason. 

The Avalanche might be one of those teams. Handicap Colorado yourself. If you believe Colorado implodes in the NHL postseason, allow the action to ride. 

Winnipeg Jets

The division’s fifth team may not make the playoffs. Winnipeg is worth mentioning, though, because they have enough talent, especially on their blue line, to cause a playoff ruckus.

Consider whether you want to set max betting limits on the Jets. Winnipeg has never won a Stanley Cup Finals. Even when they were the Arizona Coyotes, they didn’t win the Cup. 


Vegas Golden Knights

Only three teams in the Pacific appear capable of winning the 2022 Stanley Cup. The best chance to win the Cup per the odds is the Vegas Golden Knights.

The second choice on the board, Vegas had just a 3-point lead over the Anaheim Ducks as of January 2. Most NHL analysts expect the Golden Knights to pull away from the rest of the Pacific.

One of the reasons to like the Knights is because Alex Pietrangelo plays for them. Although a defender, Pietrangelo had 22 points heading into 2022. He’s an excellent player on both sides of the ice.   

Calgary Flames

This year, the Flames will be searching for their second Stanley Cup and first since 1989. Calgary is an outstanding team.

Also, the way the NHL Playoffs work, the Flames may have just to upset the Knights to get into a position to win the Western Conference. So give the Flames a chance. 

Edmonton Oilers

Both Connor McDavid and Leon Draisatl have won the Hart Trophy. So as long as McDavid and Draisatl play for the same team, the Oilers will have a shot to win the Cup.

Edmonton’s Stanley Cup odds make them a second-tier choice. The Oilers, no doubt, could become a top-tier choice should they leap over the Vegas Golden Knights and grab first place in the Pacific.

It’s essential for sports betting software agents to set limits on money flowing to the Oilers to win the title. Edmonton is a good team, and as we’ve already stressed, as long as McDavid and Draisatl are healthy, the Oilers will have a chance.  

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