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management of sportsbook growth

Manage Your Sportsbook Growth

The growth of your sportsbook can be tough, but we have some tips to help add to you player base and to manage your new clientele.

Whether you’re new to the online bookie game or a seasoned veteran you probably work with a consistent player base and always want to see growth of your sportsbook.  Your existing players have provided you with consistent revenue and it can be easy to get complacent when it comes to expansion.  We suggest that agents remain vigilant when it comes to procuring new clients, no matter what level your independent book is at.

But this is not always as easy as it sounds, so if you are finding it harder and harder to keep up with the Jones’s, just keep reading.

We’re going to break down how to think a little younger, grab those millennial sports bettors and see your revenue skyrocket. So, let’s review some tools which old school bookies might want to utilize and tips to manage all those new players coming in the door.

Set Up Incentives to Tempt new Players

When players are looking for a new sportsbook to play at a lot of their consideration comes down to any sign-up bonuses or promotions which the client can take advantage of.  One thing that many PPH agents don’t do is offer these types of incentives to both get new clients and keep the ones they currently have.  Say you see a book is organizing a survivor contest for the NFL season kicking off week 1 with a grand prize of a $500 account credit.  Now I don’t know about you, but I see a book offering that for just funding an account and I am all-in.  It also has the added benefit of increasing action week to week in the NFL because clients have already handicapped multiple games for the contest and are more likely to bet those games as well.  Small independent books can take a lot of lessons from the big boys by offering promos like this, or a first-time deposit bonus for example as many PPH agents rarely consider such extras.

Targeting Younger Players

Think about the last time you walked past a gaggle of 20 somethings at the mall or on the street and I bet I can make a prediction about them.  At least 75% of them had their hands and eyes glued to their smartphones; social media, their main interest.

This is a fantastic way to see growth of your sportsbook by reaching a new demographic of sports bettors who have yet to grow attached to any particular betting venue.  A perfect target when looking for new clients to add to your current client roster.

When looking to find these potential clients the strongest platforms to use at the moment are Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.  Instagram is great for posting screenshots of your book or promoting any special offers you might want to offer for prospective clients. Twitter can be used to be a voice in the industry in general, get out that and share your knowledge or commentary with the world.  This is a great networking tool which has a large sports betting community who are very interactive and always looking for the best option of a book to play at.

Now that we’ve gotten some new players in the door how do you manage the growth of your business?

Managing Your Sportsbook Growth

A growing book requires a lot of attention, your cost per week will increase, the amount of time invested will increase and the amount of client contact as well. With limited time, fast growing bookies can find it difficult to keep up with everything and end up losing players in the long run.  So how can you keep your doors open and yield consistent profit over the long term?

Using our PayPerHead software take a lot of the strain off any bookie’s operation.  It is a perfect tool for online bookies to best manage their sportsbook business in a few very important ways.

First off PayPerHead’s setup can completely take over the technical side of your online sportsbook and casino business and limit the stresses from running a book.  No longer will you have to create your own tracking, manage your finances manually or spend hours of your time on the phone or meeting clients. We have all the software and security you need to help you survive a period of strong growth, build a website and sustain your profits.

The software also makes a lot other day to day tasks of running a book as simple as possible.  Whether adjusting lines, reading steam or actually accepting bets, the software makes these tasks both quick and easy. Other features of being a pro agent include:

  • TruLive Wagering on a ton of daily events
  • Layoff accounts to best balance your book
  • 24/7 live phone, email or chat access to our team of support representatives
  • DDOS Protection which is among the safest platforms in the industry
  • Settle alerts which allow agents to create a pre-settle which informs them when collect or pay players before limits are reached.
  • Hold percentages which breakdown all sport, leagues, bet types, wins, losses and many more metrics which can be compared with each other. This allows our agents to leverage and promote games which make other agents the most money on average.
  • Our mass editing tool give bookies the ability to set max betting limits on some or all players at the same time which helps raise efficiency and lower risk.
  • APS® the PayPerhead proprietary agent payment solution that allows you to settle up with your sub agents and players electronically through cryptocurrency, credit card processing or wire transfer via MoneyGram.
  • Digital Casino by Amigotech, with more than 20 new games that are accessible by mobile device
  • Live Dealer Casino gaming.
  • And, so much more.

Sportsbook Growth Management

One of the ways that online bookies continue to see sportsbook growth is by splitting it into a virtual sub-company. The concept may seem strange, but it is one that can help you make your company stronger in no time.

Splitting your business into a virtual sub-company allows you to lower costs and to keep 100% ownership of your business.

It also allows you to manage your sportsbook more efficiently by putting technical experts in charge of that side of the company.

PayPerHead’s software is perfect for online bookies who want to better manage their business and it addresses four very complex areas.

Check them out below or check out our guide on how to be a bookie.

Technical – The Setup

PayPerHead’s software can handle the technical side of your business and keep you from worrying about some of the most stressful aspects of running a sportsbook.

PayPerHead takes care of all the servers, software, data security and more aspects that can increase your costs. They even help you build your website and customize it the way you want to.

Already have a huge package of players at another shop and just want the better service that PayPerHead has to offer? No problem! Moving your package over to PayPerHead is easy and fast. Time frames on package transfers can vary, depending on how many players you have in your package, and we’ll transfer over all data for each player, including their user id and password, open plays, credit limits, maximum and minimum wager amounts, balances, etc.  The only difference your players will notice is that their book just got better! Call us to learn more about the process or sign up to get started today.

Now is the time to get started as a pro-bookie agent with PayPerHead; we’re even offering an industry best $3 for up to 3 months right now at the beginning of the 2019 NFL Season.  Use our software in conjunction with social media marketing and your current network of sports bettors to expand and survive growth.  You might need to start hiring other people before you know it as your player base and revenue grows.  Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for our ongoing mission to inform our client base to help maximize their ROI and keep their pockets full.

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