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Bookie Software: Use Your Instant Action Ticker

Bookie Software: Use Your Instant Action Ticker

One of the most valuable sportsbook software tools, the Instant Action Ticker alerts bookies after a player has made a big bet. If you haven’t used the IAT yet, check out how it can become an essential part of your sportsbook management process and help you protect profit.

Bookies learn how to run a successful sportsbook by researching gambling software. That’s not always the case, but there isn’t a single business in today’s tech advanced world, including sportsbooks, that don’t depend on technology in some way. 

Bookmakers, those who accept sports, casino, and racebook wagers, become pay per head agents specifically to use powerful sportsbook management software. The technology often includes free betting software that allows operators to provide platforms for their customers. Those platforms can border on premium levels.

Like any business, if a competitor uses top bookie software, you should as well. offers the most advanced software for bookmakers in the sportsbook industry. The betting platforms you can offer rival anything a more massive online sportsbook provides. 

There are also per head agent-specific tools like the layoff account and line mover. In this blog, we take a deep dive into one of those tools, the Instant Action Ticker. 

Rarely used by some, the IAT can help bookies manage their businesses more efficiently. Added efficiencies lead to profit, which means the Instant Action Ticker can help you make more money.  

The Instant Action Ticker is one of your most potent sportsbook software features

Before you became a professional sports betting bookie, you probably asked yourself, “How do bookies set odds?” Most people don’t understand how bookmaking works. They believe that the goal of the bookie is to ensure players lose their money.

You know better than that. Bookies set odds based on acquiring the same amount of money on both sides of a spread. That’s not the only way bookies set odds, but it’s the most popular way for American bookies.

By doing so, sportsbook operators ensure they pocket bookie fees, or juice, from both sides. Let’s say a player wagers $1,000 on Oklahoma City to beat Portland by 3 points in tonight’s game. 

Another player bets $1,000 on Portland. The fee the bookie charges for both players to wager on their teams is 10%, which means the bookmaker charges the Oklahoma City bettor and the Portland bettor $100 each. That’s $200 total.

The bookie doesn’t care who wins, Oklahoma City or Portland, because he or she can pay off the winner with the losers bet. But what happens if only the Oklahoma City sports bettor makes the wager? What happens if there is no Portland bettor to even the action on the Oklahoma City bettor?

The bookie must then use their layoff account to even out action on both sides. Sounds easy enough. Except there’s one problem. 

How does the bookmaker know if a player has bet $1,000 on Oklahoma City? The agent won’t unless he or she uses the Instant Action Ticker. 

Use the IAT along with your layoff account to manage large bets

White label sportsbook agents that use the best gambling software can set up Instant Action Tickers to alert them once a player makes a big bet. The agent can then use their layoff account to even out money on both sides of a spread.

That’s not the only thing you can do, though. You can also decide to accept the wager or not, meaning you can cancel the bet before it becomes a problem. If you choose to cancel the wager, make sure to let your customer know why you canceled.

Be honest. Sportsbooks all over the world have the discretion to accept or not accept wagers. 

They can cancel for no other reason other than they don’t want to accept the risk. The IAT comes in handy when bookie agents must decide to take parlay bets with moneylines or even decide to accept or cancel large moneyline wagers.    

Add the PayPerHead Live+ and Agent Payment Solution to compete with larger online sportsbooks

The Instant Action Ticker is a single feature among your PayPerHead suite of bookie software tools. It’s helpful to alert you when you must manage a massive bet in your sportsbook. But the IAT isn’t the most powerful tool or feature.

If you import players to, you can offer the Live+ in-game betting platform. Live+ provides your players game trackers and video streams. They can wager, keep track, and watch games on the same platform. 

Offering Live+ encourages action. So does the Agent Payment Solution. The online payment and collection system speeds up the payout and collecting process. When you pay players fast, instantly in many cases, they wager those funds.

Faster playing helps you make more money. Sign-up if you haven’t already so you can use the Instant Action Ticker, the Agent Payment Solution, and offer the Live+ betting platform.

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