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Create a Reddit Sportsbook

Create a Reddit Sportsbook

Although there are numerous ways to promote your pay per head sportsbook, one way you may not be familiar with is to create a subreddit. You can also converse on the sportsbook subreddit. What is Reddit, and how can it be a powerful way to create an online sportsbook community? Check out everything you must know to make a Reddit sportsbook.

In the United States, two social media companies run the industry. Facebook and Twitter control most social media subjects, which means they control most news subjects.

As Mark Zuckerberg’s and Jack Dorsey’s companies showed during the Presidential Election, neither Facebook nor Twitter wishes to be involved in controversial subjects. Zuckerberg and Dorsey consider their organizations to be communication companies. And at times, as communication companies, they must censor some speech.

Also, both Facebook and Twitter are publicly traded companies, so they must adhere to rules that privately-owned organizations don’t. Having to stick to SEC rules and satisfying shareholders may be one reason an organization like Reddit has yet to release an IPO.

People have more freedom to say what they wish on Reddit. The site isn’t a free for all, like the former conservative social media site Parler seemed to be. But it’s more open than Facebook or Twitter.

It’s also organized based on community subjects and not a list of friends. The distinction is vital because by creating communities, individual business owners can speak directly to customers. They mustn’t worry about offending people who follow them or happen to catch their post.

They also don’t have to pay for advertising to post an advert, making Reddit a great place to promote your PPH sportsbook. Some agents have become so successful at promoting on Reddit that we can almost describe their companies as Reddit sportsbooks and not just per head books.   

What is Reddit?

Unlike other social media sites where we follow individuals, Reddit has communities that we join. We call these communities subreddits.

How subreddits work

Think of subreddits as the aggregated posts and news on a specific topic. If you are a musician, you could join the music subreddit. Then, you could post and strike up a conversation about your music. 

Subreddits are referred to as r/ followed by the topic. The music subreddit is r/music. If you wanted to join the Democrat or Republican subreddit, you’d join r/democrat or r/republican.

The great thing about Reddit is once you sign-up, you can join any subreddit that’s not private. Once you join a subreddit, you can start posting. It also helps that each subreddit is clearly defined, meaning it’s tough to enter a subreddit without knowing the topic. 

How can bookies create a Reddit sportsbook?

There is a subreddit for sportsbooks. Sign-up on Reddit and look for sportsbooks communities. Two popular ones are  r/sportsbook and r/sportsbetting.  Joining the subreddit is the first thing you should do. Then, after 30-days, and if you’ve acquired enough “karma,” you can create your subreddit. 

After that, you can tell your players about your Reddit community. Players love to converse about bets they’ve made or wagers they’re expecting to make. They also like to call bookie agents asking about specific events. You can post those events on your subreddit community. 

Once enough of your players join your community, you can officially say you’ve created a Reddit sportsbook. But don’t stop checking out the r/sportsbook subreddit.

On r/sportsbook, you can strike up conversations with peers. You can refer some of those peers to PayPerHead and make extra cash. You can also discuss your business and let players checking out r/sportsbook know you offer free betting software.     

Import players to PayPerHead to boost action and profit

Creating a Reddit sportsbook isn’t all that difficult. But a sportsbook on Reddit isn’t the only way to profit more. The best way for bookies to make more money is to attract more action.

The best way to do that is to add prime platforms. Live+, PayPerHead’s premium in-game platform, has game trackers and video streams. The Premium Casino offers 3D games, while Premium Props allows players to make bets on individual performances, quarter-bets, and other non-traditional prop wagers. 

You can also use the Agent Payment Solution to make online payments and collections. If you import players soon, you pay $4 per head from now until April 5 during the March Madness promo. The promotion includes access to all digital platforms, including premium platforms. 

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