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NFL Week 6 Betting Preview

NFL Week 6 Betting Preview & Profitable Matchups For Sportsbooks

Pay per head agents stand to make more money in NFL Week 6 than they have yet this football season. Parity may have hit the NFL. It often does around Week 6.

NBA Week 6 Betting: 7 Most Profitable Matchups

Check out our betting preview along with the most profitable matchups.

Remember, the tools listed to help you mitigate NFL Week 6 betting risk are offered through PayPerHead’s Prime Package.

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets -2.5

Sports bettors are split down the middle on which team covers the spread. If bookies set max betting limits on both moneylines and use their layoff accounts, they’ll be okay.

NFL Week 6: Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins -1

If Carolina’s over played, bookies might want to see how it plays out. Carolina’s no lock to beat Washington in D.C. If Washington’s over bet, bookies should use their layoff accounts.

Seattle Seahawks -3 at Oakland Raiders

The game takes place in London, meaning bookies should use their layoff accounts if one team is over bet. Also, set max betting limits on both Seattle and Oakland moneylines.

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings -10

This NFL week 6 game could add huge profit to most sportsbooks. Minnesota appears over bet in many Vegas sportsbooks, creating a liability should the Vikings cover.

Arizona hasn’t allowed an opponent to score more than 20 against it in 3 straight, though. Bookies might want to shun their layoff accounts if Vikings are over played.

NFL Week 6: L.A. Chargers -1 at Cleveland Browns

If Chargers are over bet, consider allowing the action to ride. Layoff any liability on Cleveland to cover.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals -2.5

Tough rivalry matchup, which means the safe approach is to use your layoff account. Definitely set max betting limits on both Steelers and Bengals moneylines.

NFL Week 6: L.A. Rams -7 at Denver Broncos

Broncos could upset L.A., whose rush defense was atrocious against Seattle in Week 5. Set max betting limits on Broncos’ moneyline.

Also, Rams are 0-2 ATS in their last couple, meaning bookies should consider not using their layoff accounts if Rams are over bet.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots -3.5

Most handicappers favor the Chiefs. What many don’t know is that Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw 2 interceptions in KC’s 30-14 win over the Jaguars last Sunday.

Bill Belichick, right now probably, is looking over game footage figuring out how the Jags coaxed Mahomes into two bad throws.

Set max betting limits on both teams. Consider not using your layoff account if players over bet the over. It jumped from 57.5 to 59.5 in a matter of hours.

That’s a sign all over bettor money is baked in. Not only that, but Belichick might try to slow the game down with his rushing attack.

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