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NFL Props Betting: Bookies Can Score Profit on Individual Game Options

NFL Props Betting: Bookies Can Score Profit on Individual Game Options

Agents can offer free betting software for NFL star performances, halftime lines, and quarter lines through Premium Props. Check out more information on the prime props platform and how it can increase gridiron betting action in your sportsbook.

Price per head bookmakers stand to score more profit on this National Football League season than they have in past seasons. The reason? 

In the past, your players could only bet on NFL futures. Players could make future bets on which teams won their division, conference, the Super Bowl, and which NFL stars took the top individual awards like MVP and offensive player and defensive player of the year.

This season, a PayPerHead online bookie agent can offer bets on individual game performance, halftime, and quarter line betting through Premium Props.  

Why promote NFL props betting on specific games? One reason is that the NFL has embraced football gambling

The more betting on football becomes accepted, the more players will call bookie agents like you searching for NFL bet options.

Premium Props offers professional football betting options unlike any other. The platform is also necessary if you want your PPH sportsbook to make more money.   

Why add Premium Props?

One of the things we’re always striving for is to help motivated bookie agents create the player-level site they want. We accomplish our goal by offering things like reseller tools and website creation, two things that can help a bookmaker build a specific brand and become a master agent.

Adding Premium Props can help you reach your desired sportsbook site level. Up until now, prominent online sportsbooks could provide prop betting on individual games, but most agents couldn’t offer game prop options. 

Premium Props allows agents to offer the same betting options as larger books. Your players can log in to their accounts and make prop bets on their favorite NFL football player beyond wagering on full-season futures.

If you have racebook experience, you know the superfecta is a bet that requires choosing the top four finishers in a horse race. Your sportsbook software superfecta is Live+, the Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, and Premium Props.

  • Live Plus – On Live Plus, players not only make in-game bets, but they can also view live streams and check out game trackers.
  • Premium Casino – The Premium Casino provides BetSoft 3D game options. On Premium Casino, your players will also find updated table games.
  • Premium Live Dealer – Offers a Casino Hold’em table along with American Roulette, European Roulette, plenty of blackjack games, and traditional baccarat. 
  • Premium Props – Offer halftime, quarter line, and star performance prop options on individual games.

None of the prime platforms require oddsmaking. Also, we’ve discovered that prime platforms boost action by 15% or more. 

Premium Props and Live+ could boost your pro football action beyond 15%. Reddit sportsbook owners with a large following could increase wagering activity beyond 15% by posting about Premium Props. 

NFL props betting examples

Below are three examples of props bets your players can make. Before checking out the examples, don’t forget the Premium Props platform also provides NBA, MLB, NHL, and even NASCAR and PGA options. 

NFL halftime betting – Players bet on which team wins the first or second half. There is also an over-under total bet players can make. An example would be to decide which team wins the first half, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Dallas Cowboys, in their September 9 game.

Often, halftime lines are half of the game spread. So if line makers set a game spread at Tampa -6, the halftime line should be close to the following. 

  • Dallas Cowboys +3 (-115) / Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3 (-115)

NFL quarter line betting – Which team will win the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, or fourth quarter? If a player believes the Buccaneers win the first quarter, the player bets on Tampa Bay. 

Quarter lines can be similar to halftime lines. Sometimes, oddsmakers favor the underdog on the game spread to win the quarter. 

NFL player performance – Players can bet on how a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or even defensive NFL star performs.  

Top 5 NFL QB, RB, and WR stars to remember

Pay per head service agents should see most individual performance prop bets on quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. Check the top five for each skill position that you must remember.

NFL Quarterbacks

  • Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
  • Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens
  • Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs
  • Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks
  • Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

NFL Running Backs

  • Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings
  • Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans
  • Alvin Kamar – New Orleans Saints
  • Christian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers
  • Nick Chubb – Cleveland Browns

NFL Wide Receivers

  • DeAndre Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals
  • Calvin Ridley – Atlanta Falcons
  • Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers
  • Stefon Diggs – Buffalo Bills
  • Tyreek Hill – Kansas City Chiefs

Level up your sportsbook with PayPerHead software

PayPerHead uses proprietary bookie software, which is one of the reasons we can seamlessly integrate platforms like Premium Props and the Premium Casino. We also have a payment and collection system that doesn’t require you to use third-party payers like PayPal or Venmo. 

Because agents like you developed our software, we know what you require to run a successful, profitable, and expanding sportsbook. To help your sportsbook profit more this NFL Season, we’re offering our $3 per head until Super Bowl promo. 

If you sign up soon, you pay $3 per head from the moment you activate your account to Super Bowl 56 on February 13, 2022. We’ve discounted our standard rate by 77%. Call 1-800-605-4767 for details.  

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