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Agents Can Attract Players by Explaining What is Sportsbook Betting

What is Sportsbook Betting? Agents Can Attract Players by Explaining

Almost every American adult knows about sports betting. Whenever you get into a sports argument with a friend about an upcoming game, it can often only be resolved by betting each other on the game’s outcome. Sometimes that’s enough for people, but usually, it isn’t. So, in this article we look at the question, what is sportsbook betting and why is it important as a bookie to explain this to your players?

Sports Fans Want to Put Money on It

Sports fans get excited about all aspects of the game, including the betting part. Every sports fan has an opinion about the game’s outcome or how many points the star player will get. They want to show how confident they are in their opinion by putting money on it. 

Only a tiny percentage of those fans ever find a sportsbook to bet through. They usually wait till they take a trip to Las Vegas. Now, with casinos in many cities, those fans travel to the local sportsbook to place their bets. And with the large sports betting websites advertising on TV and online, sports fans can bet on their favorite games through them. 

Those local casinos and betting websites have made sports betting a lot easier for regular sports fans to bet. If you’re a sports bookie with a pay per head online account, you have to let those fans know how you operate and how you are a better option than the casinos and large sports betting websites:

Agents Can Attract Players by Explaining What is Sportsbook BettingWhat Is Sportbook Betting? How Sports Betting Works

Every betting venue is essentially the same. They provide a site where people can come and place bets on sporting events (among other things). They provide the lines or the odds with the goal of having the same amount of money bet on each side. That way, the bookie takes the money from the losing side to pay the winning side but keeps a small percentage for himself, typically 10%. 

That’s called the juice or the vigorish. It’s an excellent self-serving system because it’s in the bookie’s best interest to keep the lines right in the middle to keep fans guessing on which side to bet. The bookie takes less risk if he balances both sides and, therefore, can stay in business. 

From the sports fan’s perspective, they want to pick the right side of the line so they can win money. They don’t worry about the business side except maybe to ensure they get paid when they win. 

Bettors Want Choice

Besides getting paid when they win, betting sports fans have several other essential points. 

  • How quickly can I get my money?
  • Where are the best odds?
  • Is there a variety of types of bets?
  • What are my payment choices?

The larger betting websites are constrained in what they can offer their sports fans. They have large expenditures in marketing and operations that they need to pay for constantly. So, they might not be able to pay out winnings right away. Or they might not give the best odds. 

They are constrained because they are large companies that have investors to consider, managers, and CEOs to get direction from. They have overhead and employees to manage. A per head bookie generally works on his own and, therefore, can be much more responsive to each of their sports bettors. 

Agents Can Attract Players by Explaining What is Sportsbook BettingGetting the Best of Both Worlds

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have the best of both worlds? Have all the features and a world-class website like the big betting websites, but the personal touch and maneuverability of a one-person show? If you had that, you could entice any sports fan to place all their bets with you.

That’s precisely what being a PayPerHead bookie gives you. Because our proprietary software was created entirely by us, we have been able to produce some of the best features for pay per head bookies and their players. 

We provide sports betting software to bookies that is top of the line, with a vast choice of payment types without even leaving our platform. And you get the use of a layoff account if a bet comes in that’s too large to handle. 

You get to offer all types of bets that every sportsbook supplies with all the lines provided for each game. But you always have the ability and choice to change those lines as you see fit. You have the flexibility to decide how quickly you pay your players and whether you want to give them the best odds. We give you the best betting software on the internet. You get to give the best customer service to your players for a combination of services that can’t be beat. 

Join PPH now and be a leader of the pack. Call 1-800-605-4767 and learn about our 100% cash-back offer. You get up to 3 months of cash-back depending on how many players you have to transfer over.

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