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Create a White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead Software

Create a White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead Software

With the college football and National Football League seasons on the horizon, it’s crucial for pay per head agents to set up their sportsbook for success. One of the best ways to do so is to create a white label sportsbook. See below for how switching from your current provider to PayPerHead can help you do that. 

Not all per head companies are the same. Most use legacy software, the type of software created by outside parties. 

Although legacy software works fine for many PPH sports agents, old software won’t help bookies become master agents. You must switch from legacy software to proprietary bookie betting software to get the most out of your book.

What’s the difference? Legacy software doesn’t allow for internal updates or payperhead companies to add software. 

With old software, bookmakers get what they get. Again, this can be okay if you don’t want to make more money or don’t wish to grow your sportsbook.

But if you’re ambitious, proprietary software from a leading, experienced organization like ours is the way to go. Check out the benefits of switching your bookie website to PayPerHead and real-life examples of how our software boosts action and helps you keep more of what you make. 

Create a White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead SoftwareCreate a White Label Sportsbook: PayPerHead Proprietary Bookmaker Software Benefits

Our current benefits land in two categories: action-boosting features and tools and money-saving features and tools. Let’s first look at action-boosting features and tools. 

Action Boosting White Label Sportsbook Features & Tools

Everything listed here helps sports betting agents do one thing, increase action. Without action, online bookie software agents can’t make money. 

Escalating action leads to more profit. The best way to improve betting activity is to offer as many options as possible. Options lead to  

Check out the top features and tools we offer to help you gain more action than you thought possible. 

80+ Sportsbook

We’ll start with the obvious. Your betting program, what an agent offers their players, is the essential aspect of your business.

The most successful agents not only offer options on the NBA, NFL, and MLB but also offer cricket, darts, rugby, and even obscure sports like the American Disc League. 

Offer as much as possible. Let your players decide what they wish to bet. 

Premium Props

Halftime and quarter-line props have become popular. More popular than those two wagers are bets on individual star performances.

Premium Props could take your sportsbook to the next level during football season. Players love to make bets on quarterback, wide receiver, running back, and even defensive player props. 


Our standard in-game betting feature is decent. But Live+ gives the white glove treatment for your white label sportsbook.

Players can access game stats and video streams. Both help them make educated decisions, which encourages action. 

3D Casino

The digital casino provides over twenty-three games, slots, and table options. But if you want to gain as much as possible from your casino players and provide them with an excellent experience, you should offer the 3D Casino.

3D gaming has become much more popular than traditional casino play. Offer the best, and you will increase action.  

Two Live Dealers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when sports stopped worldwide, online live dealers played a massive part in saving the industry. Action in live dealer casinos increases year to year.

There are a couple of reasons our agents can offer two live dealer casinos. The first is because each live dealer provides slightly different games.

The second reason is that by switching up the live dealer you provide your players, you will prevent any of your players from striking up a relationship with a specific dealer. Yes, you offer free betting software, but that doesn’t mean you should allow players to take advantage of you. 

Create a White Label Sportsbook With PayPerHead SoftwareAgent Payment Solutions – Online Payments and Collections

Our software allows agents to collect and make online payments. On the surface, that doesn’t sound like a way for you to build action.

But think about it for a moment. The quicker you pay your players, the quicker they send more action to your sportsbook.

The quicker players pay you, the faster you can keep the ball rolling on your end. 

Multiple Deposit Methods

The more deposit methods, the easier it is for you to get your players betting in your book and the more money you make. Deposit methods like cryptocurrencies and credit and debit cards increase action big time. 

Money Saving Features & Tools

Regarding bookie websites, most features and tools that can save you money can also increase action. See below for the top tools and features that help you keep more money in your pocket and lead to rising action.

PayPerHead Promotions

Our current promotion can save you massive amounts of dollars. Right now, we’re offering up to 3 months of cashback.

We also provide a referral program where you can make up to 17% of your referrals’ monthly deposits for up to a year.

White Label Sportsbook Reports 

Our pay per head sportsbook software agents have access to multiple reports. Reports can do a couple of things for you.

First, it gives you an idea of what your players like to bet. You can provide excellent customer service by alerting players of possible bets, giving them better lines, or adding funds to their accounts for free bets. 

Second, reports help you manage your white label sportsbook. For example, you can see what add-on features, like Premium Props and the 3D Casino, are performing well and which aren’t. 

Line Mover

White label means providing the best software you can for your customers. So the first part of the line move is changing lines to satisfy customer requests.

The second part is changing lines to save money. For example, if you see a false line, it doesn’t often happen, but if it does happen, you can change the line. 

White Label Sportsbook Bet Alerts

The best way to use bet alerts is in tandem with your layoff account. Set up bet alerts for players, sports, specific bets, or anything else.

Once you get an alert, use your layoff account. Read below about how to use your layoff account.  

Layoff Account

Your real bookie layoff account works like a player-betting account. Sports betting software runs your layoff account.

Through it, you can place bets. But it’s best if you don’t bet much. 

Instead, you should use your layoff account to cut exposure to risky bets. For example, let’s say you set up a bet alert for a player who loves to back play New England football games.

The player makes a $1,000 bet to cover. You receive a bet alert about the wager. At that point, you can cancel the bet or cut risk by betting the same amount or less, depending on how much liability you’re willing to accept.

If New England covers, pay the player from your layoff account winnings. If New England doesn’t cover, collect from your player and pay off your layoff account liability. 

Max limits setting tool

Setting max limits is the best way to manage moneyline and wagering action on futures.

Always set max limits on teams to win the NBA Finals, MLB World Series, NHL Stanley Cup, and NFL Super Bowl. Set max limits on most moneylines, including underdog moneylines.

Even set max limits on the teams you allow in a single parlay. Keep parlay betting to a max of 3 to 4 teams. 

You can also manage players by setting limits on how much they can bet. Always let players know if you place limits on their wagering accounts. 

Run a PayPerHead white label sportsbook that keeps players engaged and helps you make more money

Sportsbook software agents can keep players happy by adding as many options as possible. Also, by switching to us, online bookie agents can access proprietary software that helps them keep more of what they make.

If you switch soon, you can get up to 3 months’ cash back. Not only that, but the sooner you change, the quicker you can make more money by referring friends.

As a reminder, we will pay you up to 17% of your referred friends’ monthly deposits for up to a year. Call 1-800-605-4767 or sign-up to get started today. 

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