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Super Bowl 52 Tools for Bookies

Super Bowl 52 – Put These 3 Tools To Use In Your Sportsbook

Super Bowl 52 is here and we don’t want a repeat Super Bowl 51, so it’s time for online bookie agents to ensure profit by using these awesome tools.

Preparation is the best way to do that.

Super Bowl 52: 3 Tools to Use

By using the following tools, agents can rest assured that they’ll score a profit on the biggest betting day of the year in Super Bowl 52.

Schedule limit override

Schedule a limit override on Feb. 4, the day of Super Bowl 52. The limit override should start at least 3 hours before kick-off.

Taking the schedule limit to override off about an hour before kick-off might be a good way to get a rush of action into your book before the game takes place.

This strategy might not be the most optimal for everyone, though.

If you’re a per head agent that’s already accepted plenty of bets on Super Bowl 52, keeping the override tool in place until the game has started makes more sense. Never forget that you must make decisions based on what’s best for your sportsbook.

Mass editing tool for Super Bowl 52

It’s imperative that agents have max betting limits on all prop wagers. Some wagers are downright ridiculous like whether or not Pink sings the National Anthem over 2 minutes or less than 2 minutes.

But, at times, players can hit it big on prop bets. For example, if Pink enters the stadium with red or pink hair, the odds are +160. A $1,000 bet at +160 pays back $1,600. The coin toss is a 50%-50% proposition.

Don’t lose money because you must pay out a $10,000 bet on the coin toss.

Layoff account

Most of the time I suggest that online bookie agents stay away from their layoff accounts. From my perspective, the layoff account should only be used in situations where the bookie must use it.

Leaving money on the table by using the layoff account happens more often than not.

But, when it comes to the Super Bowl, it’s important to use the layoff account if you must. The Denver Broncos won the 2016 Super Bowl straight up as a dog.

Most wagers flew onto Carolina.

Last year, most wagers went to the Atlanta Falcons at +3.5. The Falcons looked like sure winners until Tom Brady orchestrated the greatest comeback in football history.

Don’t mess around. If you must use your layoff account, use it. It’s the best way to ensure you make profit, off the vig, from Super Bowl 52 action, so a key one of your tools.

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