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2018 Betting Post-Super Bowl

Keep Players Betting After Superbowl

Pay Per Head Tips: How To Keep Players Betting After Super Bowl 

Many online bookie agents get the post-Super Bowl blues shortly after the big game ends. It makes sense. The Super Bowl is, year after the year, the most bet upon event in almost every agent’s sportsbook.

It’s doubtful this year’s Super Bowl is the exception. So, what about the rest of 2018 betting?

Post Super Bowl: Promote These Upcoming Sporting Events

With that being written, there are numerous betting sporting events that will occur after the Super Bowl. Some per head agents might have to promote the following events.

No worries. Each is sure to garner plenty of attention from outside sources.

NBA Season is in full swing

The NBA Season is in full swing. The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA again. But, the Boston Celtics appear to match up well with the Warriors.

Not only that, NBA games take place every day. That’s a lot of action for players.

March Madness is just about here

The annual NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is just about here after Super Bowl 52, and is great for betting. March Madness lasts for a full month.

Future betting, prop betting, and weekly wagers on all March Madness games makes for plenty of betting action.

Road to Horse Racing’s Triple Crown has already begun

The Road to the Kentucky Derby began in earnest on the first Saturday in January. Practically every Saturday from now until the first Saturday in May, horse racing should showcase their rising thoroughbred stars.

Encourage action by discussing how much money players can make by betting on horse races.

MLB spring training starts on Feb. 23

The 2017 World Series ended with two of the most popular teams in MLB, the Houston Astros and L.A. Dodgers, battling it out in a 7-game series.

MLB betting is an art that many players have started to rediscover. Take advantage of the good feelings towards the professional baseball league by promoting baseball betting after Super Bowl 52 is done.

2018 World Cup comes up in the summer

The biggest international sporting event of the year takes place starting this summer. The 2018 World Cup will showcase the best soccer players in the world fighting for their national teams.

Ask your bettors quesitons leading up to the World Cup, such as:

  • Is this the year the great Lionel Messi leads Argentina to a Cup victory?
  • Will Germany repeat?
  • How will Spain come back from their horrible 2014 World Cup performance?

Don’t fret, pay per head agents. 2018 betting action won’t dry up after Super Bowl 52. In fact, the after Super Bowl 52 betting action figures to rival action from the big game itself this year.

Bookie Tips: Start using your player reports to get an in-depth look at what and how your players are betting. That’s how you can learn about what type of marketing message each individual should receive.

The right marketing message is key to getting your football bettors hooked for all of the other 2018 betting opportunities.

You can also check out our complete how to be a bookie guide, for more general information.

Make sure you check out the 3 MANDATORY tools you’re going need for Super Bowl 52 too.

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