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Bookies Increase Basketball Betting Action

Price Per Head Tips: 4 Ways to Increase Basketball Betting Action

Super Bowl 52 is on Feb. 4. It makes sense for online bookie agents to start thinking about ways to increase basketball betting action.

Check out 4 proven ways agents can do this.

4 Ways to Increase Basketball Betting Action

#1 – Once a Week Send Out a Basketball Betting Guide

Start by sending out a weekly basketball betting guide in increase action. Whether it’s the NBA, or NCAAB, it’s important to alert players to the nationally televised games.

Just check on ESPN to find out which NBA matchups are on TNT, ESPN, and ABC that week. Then, look for which NCAAB games are on ESPN and ESPN2, Fox and Fox Sports 1, and CBS and CBS Sports.

Never forget that most sports bettors like to watch the games on which they wager.

#2 – Create Higher Odds Cross-Sports Parlays

The cross-sports parlay is one of the very best tools to convince players to make bets. There are two key ways to create the successful cross-sports parlay.

  1. Choose games that take a long time to handicap – It makes no sense to put a money line NHL game into a promoted cross-sports parlay if the favorite is close to a sure thing.
  2. Always offer odds above normal parlay odds – If you offer a 4-team cross-sports parlay, make sure you’re offering odds of at least 12 to 1.

#3 – Deliver Targeted Messages Based on Player Activity Reports

Studying player activity reports on your PayPerHead Dashboard can lead to more efficient marketing.

Gaining ROI on marketing is a big deal for most pay per head agents. The reason is that marketing efforts take time. Marketing efforts can even take money.

All agents should make sure they deliver the appropriate messages to players.

A guy that hates football probably won’t care about the National Championship game. Try not to send out too many bulk email or text messages. That’s a turn off for a lot of players.

#4 – Send Out Daily Reminders of That Night’s Hoops’ Action

After studying player activity reports, consider delivering a daily reminder of the night’s hoops’ action to all players that bet on basketball to increase betting action.

This is particularly true when NBA games are on ABC, ESPN, or TNT.

Those 3 networks make a big deal of their NBA schedule.

For college hoops players, it’s best to send a morning reminder of that Saturday’s college basketball action. Terrific action takes place during the week.

Most college hoops bettors pay attention on Saturdays, though.

Increasing action on basketball betting will help online bookies continue to make profit after the Super Bowl frenzy is over.

Having the right sportsbook management software will give you more time to focus on delivering the perfect marketing message to increase this action and stay ahead. offers premium solutions to managing your sportsbook so that you can focus on this aspect of your business. Right now, they’re offering their Prime Package for the same price as their Professional Package.

Make sure you’re ready for all the events that can make you more profit. Sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package today.

Make sure to stay on top Super Bowl 52 by checking out the prop bets and odds for Feb. 4th.

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