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NBA Playoffs Schedule 2022

NBA Playoffs Schedule 2022

The MLB Schedule isn’t the only one that landed last week. After the final NBA Regular Season games happened on April 10, the Association came out with the 2022 NBA Playoffs Schedule. Check out everything a bookmaker software agents must know to score profit from the NBA Playoff first round to the NBA Finals.  

The 2022 NBA Playoffs timetable is out. We won’t know which 7-seeds and 8-seeds will participate in this year’s NBA Playoffs. 

But we do know the other participating squads. The NBA Playoffs go from mid-April to June, so sports betting software agents must prepare for plenty of hoops action. 

Check out the NBA Playoffs key dates, the play in tournament schedule, the first round NBA Playoff bracket, and how pay per head agents can manage 2022 NBA Playoff action. 

NBA Playoffs 2022 Schedule

The NBA Playoffs have a malleable schedule. It must because some series will finish after four games. Others will take up to seven games to complete. 

Check out the critical dates for this year’s playoff schedule.

  • Tuesday April 12 – Play in tournament starts
  • Friday April 15 – Play in tournament teams finalized
  • Saturday April 16 – 2022 NBA Playoffs start
  • Sunday June 19 – NBA Finals Game 7 if required  

Play In Tournament 

The 2022 NBA play to further play tourney begins on April 12. The tournament consists of eight teams, four from each conference, and four total games.

The winner of Friday’s final two play in games heads to the NBA postseason. Check out how the NBA runs the tournament.

  • 7-seed plays 8-seed
  • 9-seed plays 10-seed

The teams that win between 7 and 8 head to the playoffs. The 9 versus 10 winner plays the 7 versus 8 loser. On April 12, the Brooklyn Nets beat the Cleveland Cavliers.

NBA Playoffs Play In Tournament Matchups

7-Brooklyn Nets 115 vs. 8-Cleveland Cavaliers 108

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and will play the Boston Celtics in the first round. he Nets remain a top choice to win the NBA Finals.  

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff hopes aren’t dead. TThe Cavaliers are a long shot. 

Set max betting limits on Brooklyn to beat Boston. 

9-Atlanta Hawks vs. 10-Charlotte Hornets

Neither one of these squads should do much in the postseason. The Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics, if the Atlanta Hawks or Charlotte Hornets make the playoff schedule, they will face one of those teams, should dominate the ATL or Charlotte. 

Don’t worry about your layoff account or setting max limits on either squad to win the NBA Finals. In case one of your players dump on one of these teams, you can. But don’t lose sleep. 

Also, don’t worry if none of your bookie website players throw money down on either team. Action should be light on either to win the title.  

8-Los Angeles Clippers vs. 7-Minnesota Timberwolves

Both these teams are quality squads. If the Los Angeles Clippers make the postseason, they can ruffle some feathers. 

Los Angeles can beat the Grizzlies, the 2-seed in the West. The Minnesota Timberwolves won’t beat the Suns or the Grizzlies. 

9-New Orleans Pelicans vs. 10-San Antonio Spurs

Neither the New Orleans Pelicans nor the San Antonio Spurs should beat the Timberwolves or Clippers and make it to the NBA Playoffs.

Even if the Spurs or Pelicans make the postseason, neither will do much versus the Grizzlies or Suns. Don’t worry too much about the Pels and Spurs. 

2022 NBA Playoffs First Round 

We know most round 1 playoff matchups. Use your layoff account to cut risk on individual games. Only the Phoenix Suns appear to have adjusted to their betting lines. 

But you shouldn’t risk your pay per head sportsbook’s health. So use your layoff account no matter which team attracts the most action.

NBA Eastern Conference First Round Matchups 

The following are this season’s NBA first round series

5-Toronto Raptors vs. 4-Philadelphia 76ers

Contrary to popular opinion, James Harden hasn’t helped the Philadelphia 76ers become the Eastern Conference juggernaut so many expected after landing the all-star.

Harden is great, but the 76ers were in a groove without him. The Toronto Raptors play much better team defense. So be on the lookout for Premium Prop bets geared towards the Raptors winning the series.  

NBA Playoffs Schedule 20226-Chicago Bulls vs. 3-Milwaukee Bucks

The Chicago Bulls are great as the chalk and terrible as the dog. Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks should easily win this series.

The Bucks look poised for a deep playoff run. They turned it on late. Only Miami seems capable of stopping Milwaukee from winning the Eastern Conference.  

7-Brooklyn Nets vs. 2-Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics ended the season hot. The Celtics are scorching a path to the postseason. 

The Cs can hang with any team in the East. Even Miami and Milwaukee will have trouble. When it comes to max limits and your layoff account, respect the Celtics. Especially respect them versus the Nets.  

Lower Seed vs. 1-Miami Heat

Brooklyn can beat the Miami Heat. But the other teams in the play and you’re in the postseason shouldn’t.

More importantly, Miami offers overlay odds to win the NBA Finals. The Heat almost beat the Lakers in 2020. 

They’re a solid club. Set max limits on Miami to take down the Western Conference representative and win rings.    

NBA Western Conference First Round Matchups 

The Western Conference is often loaded. But this season, two teams have separated from the pack. Expect the Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies to battle for the right to represent the West in the 2022 NBA Final Series. 

5-Utah Jazz vs. 4-Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks were the hottest team from January to the end of the regular season. As long as Luka is doing his thing, the Mavs can win.

The Utah Jazz bombed in last year’s playoffs. So we shouldn’t expect much this season. The Suns and Grizzlies have shown they can handle the Jazz. 

6-Denver Nuggets vs. 3-Golden State Warriors

Set max limits on the series prop for the Denver Nuggets versus the Golden State Warriors. The key to this game will come down to which star feels best.

Steph Curry may not step onto the court in this series. If he doesn’t, Nikola Jokic will grab boards off the glass, score at will, and dish like a 7-foot Steve Nash. Nuggets can take this.

Higher Seed vs. 2-Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant is a special player, and the Memphis Grizzlies are great. But if the Clippers end up playing the Grizzlies, Memphis can fall.

Paul “PG-13” George is healthy and playing like he owns the league. The more George plays, the better he will play.

So if the Clippers extend the series past four, expect PG-13 to take over and the Clippers to win. PPH sportsbook agents must set max limits on the Clippers winning this series.

Lower Seed vs. 1-Phoenix Suns

No team in the play in tournament should get past the Suns. The Phoenix Suns are solid across the board. 

If a play in tourney squad upsets the Suns in round 1, it will be one of the biggest series upsets in NBA History.  

Way to Early NBA Finals Prediction

Phoenix Suns vs. Miami Heat

Phoenix has a devastating Big 3 in Chris Paul, DeAndre Ayton, and Devin Booker. The Suns’ bench is also fantastic, so Phoenix should come out ahead of Miami.

But the Heat won’t make it easy on Phoenix. Jimmy Butler and his crew can ball. Odds should be fair on either to win the series. So set max limits according to how much you’re willing to pay. 

NBA Finals Prediction Pick: Suns in 7

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