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NBA Conference Semi-finals Update

NBA Conference Semifinals Update

Players will continue to call bookie agents hoping to lay money down on the four remaining teams to win the 2022 NBA Championship. The NBA Playoffs schedule implies conference semifinals should conclude within the next week. See below for an Eastern Conference Semifinals and a Western Conference Semifinals update. 

Most bookie website agents give only a passing glance to the National Basketball Association. The playoffs won’t drive nearly the action that something like the NCAA March Madness Tournament will.

Also, the NFL Draft happened last week, which is another reason eyeballs and dollars have yet to fall on games in the Association. But starting this week, the first week of pro basketball’s conference semifinals, that should all change.

The more games NBA teams play, the more action pay per head agents should see landing on their bookie websites. Action should be solid for the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals. At this writing, the Boston Celtics were on their way to evening up the series versus Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Check out a conference semifinals update. Then read about why, especially since we’re heading into the annual pay per head sportsbook lull, after the NBA and before the NFL, you must give us a call for a free consultation.

NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals Update

** Records as of May 2, 2022

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Milwaukee Bucks 1-0 vs. Boston Celtics 0-1

In the first game, Giannis took over, and that was that. The best player in the NBA scored 24 points, grabbed 13 boards, dished 12 times, and blocked a couple of shots when leading the Bucks to an improbable 101-89 first game victory over the Cs.

But although Giannis and the Bucks dominated, as we mentioned above, Boston was rolling in Game 2. The Celtics were up 72-52 over the Bucks.

Giannis, who at the end of his career could eclipse MJ as the best ever, had scored 17 with about 5 minutes left in the third. Unless Antetokounmpo takes over in the fourth, Boston will tie the series.

Both the Cs and the Bucks can win the NBA Finals. So don’t sleep on either squad. If your bookie software alerts you to a significant bet on either to wear rings at the end of the playoffs, use your layoff account.

It isn’t easy to see either team giving an inch regarding this series. A 7-game series should be in the cards. 

Philadelphia 76ers 0-1 vs. Miami Heat 1-0

Unlike Boston versus Milwaukee, Sixers versus South Beach shouldn’t go past 5 games, much less 7. The Heat have a serious advantage. 

The advantage isn’t because Miami is the best three-point shooting team in the league, although it helps. No, the real benefit is that Philly center and soon-to-be NBA MVP Joel Embiid suffered a broken orbital bone in the 76ers’ 132-97 victory to close out the Toronto Raptors.

Big Joel is the most valuable player to his team in the league. So winning the MVP makes sense. Unfortunately for Embiid, he wanted to add an NBA Championship trophy to the mantle.

How important is Embiid to Doc Rivers’ squad? Big Joel averages 30.7 points, 11.7 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game. To beat South Beach, Philly must replace the points.

In Game 1, the Sixers didn’t come close to making up for Embiid’s output. It’s doubtful they will. And even if they do, Jimmy Butler will ensure the Heat win this series. Philadelphia falls in 5. 

NBA Conference Semi-finals UpdateNBA Western Conference Semifinals Update

** Records as of May 2, 2022

Golden State Warriors 1-0 vs. Memphis Grizzlies 

In the first game, the Warriors had every reason to give up. The refs had just kicked one of their most important players, Draymond Green, out of the game. 

Memphis was fired up, and the Warriors were on the road. In the fourth quarter, Memphis appeared set to break the game open. But somehow, someway, The City rallied for a Game 1 victory.

Rally is only partially true. Memphis failed to put a hand in Klay Thompson’s face on the critical play. So Klay did what he’s done throughout his career, bury a 3-point shot that put the Warriors up 117-116 with 36.6 seconds left.

Memphis had a chance to score the game on a Ja Morant driving layup. But the other Splash Brother, the more famous one, the dude named Steph Curry, blocked Morant’s shot.

The Grizzlies fouled Thompson. Klay missed both free throws. Memphis still couldn’t get a bucket, and that was it. 

The Grizzlies believe they can take it to the Warriors in the second game and beyond. After watching Game 1, it’s apparent that Morant, Dillon Brooks, and the rest of the Grizzlies don’t have enough experience to beat Steph, Klay, Draymond, and the Golden State Warriors.

Memphis will win a game, which means the Warriors take this NBA conference semifinals in 5.  

Dallas Mavericks 0-1 vs. Phoenix Suns 1-0

Game 1 between the 1-seed Phoenix Suns and the 4-seed Dallas Mavericks showed the most important in the game is how Dallas defends Suns’ center DeAndre Ayton.

Ayton dominated with 25 points, 8 boards, and a block. Defending Ayton is the most crucial aspect of the series because the Suns will shoot lights out from the field. 

So by not defending against Ayton, Dallas gives up the lane and won’t stop Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Miles Bridges, Jae Crowder, and the rest from shooting threes and making 15-foot jump shots.

If it sounds dire for the Mavericks, that’s because it is. The Mavs may not win a game. Don’t be fooled by the 7-point Phoenix victory in the first game. 

The Suns dominated in every way imaginable. Even if the Suns win the next three games by 4 points or even 2 points, they will still have swept the Dallas Mavericks.   

NBA Conference Semi-finals UpdateConference Semifinals – NBA Betting Update

 The Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns should battle in the Western Conference Semifinals based on how the early conference semifinal matches have gone. The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat should throw down in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Which team should attract the most action? The answer to the question depends on your players. One thing is for sure, you should use your online bookie software layoff account to set max limits on all four remaining playoff teams.

Check out a list of the teams along with their odds. 

  • Phoenix Suns +250
  • Golden State Warriors +270
  • Boston Celtics +470
  • Miami Heat +470
  • Milwaukee Bucks +600
  • Memphis Grizzlies +2700
  • Philadelphia 76ers +3200
  • Dallas Mavericks +3600

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