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promote blackjack to your players

Promote Blackjack in Digital and Live Casino

PayPerHead Agents, now is the time to promote and get your players to the blackjack table.

Created in France in the 17th Century, blackjack is the most popular card game in the world. It didn’t start out that way. The French played other card games in their earliest casinos but when Louis XV decided to play the game in his palace, blackjack took off.

The French called their game Vingt-et-un. As you might guess, vingt-et-un means 21, which is why today the words blackjack and 21 are synonymous with the card game.

PayPerHead® bookie agents can offer two different options players can wager on blackjack. They can wager in the digital-mobile casino. Or, they can play blackjack with live dealers. Because blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, bookies should promote both ways to play.

Check out everything you must know about blackjack along with info on both Boss Action casino offerings!

More people play blackjack online than any other card game

While it’s impossible to calculate exactly how many people play blackjack, we can find statistics from Vegas casinos. Many play blackjack at home with their friends. Even more bettors play blackjack online.

When you sign-up with PayPerHead and become an online sportsbook owner, in addition to your sportsbook, you can offer both horse racing and casino wagering. That’s why it’s important that you know about the world’s most popular card game, what blackjack PayPerHead agents can offer, and how to promote it.

Educate your online players – blackjack basics

Before doing anything else, educate yourself and your players about blackjack. If you know nothing about the game, you can’t educate your customers.

We assume you probably know these rules; but just in case, here they are!

1. The premise of game is to get to 21 as close as possible without going over

2. Aces count as 1 or 11

3. Face cards: jack, queen, king, count as 10

4. Numbered cards count as their number: 1 through 9

In addition, there are a couple of dealer rules.

Dealers must hit on 16.

Dealers can stand on 17 or higher.

We won’t get into much blackjack strategy. Plenty of articles exist on the Internet that can help your players when it comes to winning at blackjack. Leave it up to them to find the intricate strategies. We just want to make sure that you and your players know the basic blackjack strategies.

Basic blackjack strategies; why not share these with your players as a marketing strategy?

Only double on 11 – In blackjack, doubling means to “double” a wager and receive a single card. The most a player can get is a 10. That takes them to 21, which means the player wins. If the player gets an ace, they add to their total, which means they have 12. It makes sense why players should only double on 11, right?

Make decisions based on the dealer having a 10 –  The dealer’s first card faces down. That’s where the house edge comes into play. Blackjack players must make decisions without knowing the dealer’s actual hand. Players should always assume the down card is worth 10. That means the dealer has 10 + the face card.

Players should stand if they show more than the dealer – Let’s say the dealer has a 5 showing. If the player assumes the down card is a 10, they should hit if they have anything at 15 or less. If the player has a 16 or higher, the player should stand.

Digital Casino Blackjack Play

This is where it gets good! As a Boss Action bookie, you can offer your players access to a mobile casino. The BA mobile casino provides both agent and player advantages. Check out advantages for players first. Use those advantages to promote blackjack wagering in the digital-mobile casino.

Blackjack player advantages in the digital casino

1. No travel. No brick and mortar buildings.

2. Players can play wherever and whenever they want.

3. Low minimums – low-cost entertainment.

4. Anyone can play blackjack; it’s an easy game to understand.

5. Built-in social distancing during this time when it’s so important.

6. Easy deposits.

As with all PayPerHead digital-mobile casino games, the power rests in the hands of players. They choose when and where they wish to play. Use the list above to encourage players to wager on blackjack in the mobile casino. 

Blackjack digital casino advantages for the PayPerHead agent.

Mobile casino doesn’t just provide advantages to casino players; advantages also exist for PayPerHead agents. 


Players make decisions, sure, and agents should market blackjack and the digital-mobile casino. But after that? The casino runs itself.

Easy payouts and collections

With Agent Payment Solutions (APS), you can make quick payouts. That keeps your players happy. You can collect as well, which keeps your bottom line healthy.

Agents can use the APS for the online casino and racebook just like they do for their sportsbooks.

Everyday play means everyday revenue

Sports bettors must wait for the next sporting event. In times where no sports take place, like during pandemics, sports bettors have limited, if no, betting options.

But casino players can wager in the digital-mobile casino whenever they wish. The digital casino exists no matter what else is going on in the world. Players can play even if they’re stuck at home and waiting out a pandemic.

Live casino blackjack play

PayPerHead created the live casino for players that wanted that Vegas feel. Blackjack is the perfect game to play with a live dealer. It started out that way. Plus, every dealer in the live casino knows how to deal cards and play the game.

Your players will feel like they’re at a table in a Vegas casino!

Make sure your customers know how awesome it is to play blackjack in the PayPerHead Live Dealer Casino. If you’ve got questions about the live dealer casino, or any question at all, call PayPerHead at 800-605-4767.

Encourage Blackjack Play in Your Online Casino

When you introduce sports bettors to casino play, it makes sense to first introduce them to blackjack. Most everyone knows how to play blackjack. If they don’t, the learning curve isn’t steep.

Not only that but PayPerHead offers 2 different casinos: a digital-mobile version and a live dealer version. That gives your players two different ways to play blackjack!

While we wait for things to normalize, promote blackjack!

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