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Massive Free Play Tool from PayPerHead

Massive Free Play Tool from PayPerHead

March Madness is a fast-paced tournament in terms of the volume of games and how often they’re played. The tournament spans the second half of March and the first week of April. Unlike the NFL playoffs, there are basketball games almost every day until the Final Four.

To help keep your players engaged and able to bet on all the games they want, we’ve introduced a new tool that can help.

When your players experience too many losses, they can often stop betting or move to another bookie. To make your players always feel like winners, you can offer them free plays. Any sportsbook software is set up to do this, but if you want to do it on a massive scale with most or all of your players, there is a tool for that.

Massive Free Play Tool Explained

The MFP streamlines your workflow by allowing you to assign free plays to your players in bulk. As your number of players grows, assigning the free plays individually becomes too time-consuming. If you have a large book, you rarely have the time to roll out free plays. That could cost you many of your players. We don’t want that, so we’ve set up the software to take care of that for you in a few easy steps.

Once you’ve opened MFP, you have several options:

  • Grant the free play as a fixed amount or percentage of losses
  • Work with players or sub-agents
  • Add any exceptions (if any) to who gets the free play
  • Send a note to your players (optional) about the free play

Paying By a Percentage of Loss

If you want to grant your players a free play based on a percentage of how much they lost the week before, you have a couple of options.

Amount. You can choose one of the standard percentages or set a custom one (1%, 5%, 10%…)

Maximum. You can set a ceiling on the maximum amount of money your players receive.

If you choose to give your players a fixed amount for the free play (instead of a percentage), you can either select one of the suggested amounts or type in your own ($5, $10, $25…)

Other Options

Once you’ve decided on a percentage or fixed amount, there’s not much else you have to do. But we have options if you need them.

Exceptions. You can select sub-agents or players you want to exclude from the massive free play gift.

Pre-game wagers. If you only want active players to get the free play, you can set a date for when they must have made a pre-game wager.

Messages. With massive free play, you can add a message to the players. Use it to thank them for their continued business or send any message you’d like.

Get the Bookie Software That Keeps Your Players Coming Back

PayPerHead continues to create tools that benefit betting agents and their customers. Our Massive Free Play tool is a great way to ensure that your players stay with you even when they aren’t winning. Players have many options when it comes to bookies and betting sites. We’re focused on developing new features to keep your players sticking with you.

  • Pay and Collect online. Players have numerous options to make payments online.
  • Parlay cash out. Players have the option of cashing out early on their winning parlays.
  • Premium offerings. Offer live dealer casinos, props, in-game betting, and more to your top players.

With March Madness in full swing, you want to be with the sportsbook software that gives you all the ammunition you need to grow your book and increase your profits during the craziest sports month of the year.

Call 1-800-605-4767 now and get the Massive Free Play Tool as part of your sportsbook software. Like most of our tools, it comes free with your signup. And right now, depending on how many players you have, you can get prices as low as $2.50 per head. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

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