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First Two Months NFC Betting Winners: Heading Into November, Watch for Action on These Teams

First Two Months NFC Betting Winners: Heading Into November, Watch for Action on These Teams

NFC betting winners in the first seven games include the undefeated Arizona Cardinals, the better than anyone thought Dallas Cowboys, and the inspired Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers. Check out more information on those three squads, the worst teams against the spread, and NFC franchises that offered fair odds during the first two months of the season.

Many NFL experts feel a team can decide its fortunes in the first two months of the season. If an NFL team loses more than they did during September and October, their playoff chances fall off a cliff.

Consequently, if a team wins more than they lose in the first couple of months, their playoff chances rise big time. Not only must NFL teams play well during the first couple of months, but many NFL betting professionals also believe they make their most money in the first seven to eight games. 

The reason? NFL oddsmakers using the best pay per head software know it’s tougher to create spread lines in the first couple of months.

Nobody, not online bookie software agents or Vegas sportsbooks, knows which teams will play well and which will struggle in September and October. Not a single person believed the preseason Super Bowl underdog Arizona Cardinals would head into their eighth game undefeated.

Also, no one thought the Kansas City Chiefs, the preseason Super Bowl favorite, would be 3-4 on the moneyline before their eighth game of the season. 

In this blog, we concentrate on NFC betting against the spread winners and losers. The top three covering teams in the league so far are National Football Conference squads.

So are the worst two covering teams in the league. The blog has great information for sportsbook software agents as we head into the second half of the season.  

Top three NFC teams that tore it up in September and October

These teams are dominating against the spread. Will those who create pro football betting lines adjust in November? We shall see!

  • Dallas Cowboys – 6-0-0 
  • Arizona Cardinals – 6-1-0
  • Green Bay Packers – 6 – 1- 0

What is a bookie? The question is base. The answer isn’t. Based on the Dallas Cowboys’ performance against the spread so far, a bookmaker is someone who uses their layoff account.

The Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. Unless you provide price per head services to a few Cowboy haters, use your layoff account.

The Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers play each other on Thursday, October 28. Make sure to check out the results of that game. 

After Thursday’s contest, the loser might show an overlay spread in their next game. The winner could provide an underlay number. 

Bottom two NFC teams against the spread

  • San Francisco 49ers – 1-5
  • Washington Football Team – 1-6

The San Francisco 49ers made it to the 2019 Super Bowl. Since then, the Niners have become one of the top teams to back against the spread. 

But SF went 7-9 ATS last season, which begs the question of why they’ve gotten the benefit of the doubt from pay per head sites this season. Like in 2020, the injury bug has bitten San Francisco more than any other NFL squad. 

Last season’s NFC East Division winner, the Washington Football Team, played New York Jet like football. The first two months NFC betting on the WFT have led to either significant losses if you backed the Maroon and Gold or huge victories if you went against D.C.

The NFC teams oddsmaking experts have assigned fair betting odds

In November, odds creators that offer free betting software should have a bead on the odds to set for the following NFC teams. 

  • Seattle Seahawks – 4-3
  • Los Angeles Rams – 4-3
  • Detroit Lions – 4-3
  • Minnesota Vikings – 3-3
  • Atlanta Falcons – 3-3
  • New Orleans Saints – 3-3

Unless you can’t stand Seattle, the city, or the football team, you must feel for the Seahawks

Russell Wilson is out, and without Russell, Seattle has no chance of making the playoffs. Even Pete Carroll admits he wouldn’t be the head man at Seattle if not for Wilson.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is posting ridiculous stats. He’s on pace for 51 touchdown throws and close to 5,300 passing yards. If anything, NFL oddsmakers will create even fairer spreads.

The Lions and Falcons are mediocre teams who play similar games. The Lions are better than many believed.

It hasn’t translated to a Detroit moneyline win. The Falcons have won 3-of-4 heading into NFL Week 8. 

Atlanta’s offense has turned it up a notch. The New Orleans Saints are the opposite.

Saints’ quarterback Jameis Winston ranks fourteenth in the conference in total yards thrown. But his QB Rating is 102.6, which means the low-passing yards are by design.

ATS NFC betting first two months losers by a game:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3-4
  • Chicago Bears – 3-4
  • New York Giants – 3-4
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 3-4
  • Carolina Panthers – 3-4

NFL bettors love to call bookie agents looking to place money on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After the first two months of NFC betting, the Bucs are a loser against the spread. 

The Chicago Bears, the New York Giants, and the Philadelphia Eagles are almost the same team. Nobody expected any of the three to do more than they have.

Among the three, the Giants and Eagles could perform better in the second half.  The Giants dominated the Carolina Panthers 25-3 in Week 7. 

If NYG uses the victory as a springboard, they can win games on the moneyline and against the spread. Pay attention to New York’s November first game against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Giants are 10-point underdogs. A less than 10-point loss, or a straight-up win, means the Giants have put their NFL ATS betting doldrums behind them. 

The wheels are off the Carolina Panthers bandwagon. Matt Rhule, Sam Darnold, and the rest of the Panthers started the season 3-0.

Since then, Carolina has imploded to lose four straight. Things have gotten so bad, the Panthers are a two-month NFC betting loser. 

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