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Betting on the U.S. Election

Betting on the U.S. Election: Why Not Run a November 3 Election Contest?

Bookies that offer free betting software could score big dollars on the November 3 U.S. Presidential Election, and they can make money on more than just presidential odds. Run an election contest where players choose both if Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the seat in the Oval Office as well as who wins each state’s electoral college.

Every four years, sports betting players shift gears and make wagers on the U.S. Presidential Election. 2016 saw a huge amount of money placed on both candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This year, already dollars have gone to both the current Commander-in-Chief, Trump, and the man who wants to replace him on Pennsylvania Ave., Joe Biden. 

Trump versus Biden has been a solid action generating wager. It should continue to do so up until November 3. Players will call bookie agents like you and request odds on both men well into Monday. 

A PayPerHead pph sportsbook agent can also offer bets on election odds for the state’s electoral college winner. That gives your players additional ways to win on the November 3 election. It also gives you, the bookie, extra ways to attract action.

Why wait for your players to make electoral college wagers, though? Just like with the NFL, you can run a contest that will attract U.S. Election betting in your sportsbook. If set up correctly, doing so will not only gain you profit, but it will also help you build player loyalty.  

Make bets on the Presidential Election the key wager in the contest

Joe Biden remains a favorite to bet Donald Trump and win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Betting odds on the United States Election make Trump an overlay underdog. But remember, if you run a contest, you mustn’t worry about paying off huge wagers on The Donald or massive bets on Joe B. 

Instead, you can set it up so that choosing the winner of the Presidential Election provides more points to winning the contest than picking the electoral college winners.

Before getting into how to set up your U.S. Presidential Election bets contest, check out the states on which your players can wager. 

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Iowa 
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • Alaska
  • Montana 
  • South Carolina
  • Missouri
  • Colorado

Counting the states as part of a pay per head president odds contest, brings us to twenty possibilities. Now, we can look at how to set up a point system to determine which player wins your contest.

Odds to win the Presidential Election contest point system example

Players that choose the winner, Trump or Biden, get 10-points. When it comes to the electoral college state winners, award more points for closer contests. See below for a potential way to set up your PayPerHead bookie software contest.

  • Florida – 3 points
  • Georgia – 3 points
  • North Carolina – 3 points
  • Virginia – 1 point
  • Ohio – 3 points
  • Pennsylvania – 3 points
  • Michigan – 3 points
  • Wisconsin – 3 points
  • Minnesota – 2 points
  • Arizona – 3 points
  • Texas – 2 points
  • Iowa – 3 points 
  • New Hampshire – 2 points
  • Nevada – 2 points
  • Alaska – 2 points
  • Montana – 1 point
  • South Carolina – 1 point
  • Missouri – 1 point
  • Colorado – 1 point

A player can gain a total of 52 points. Now, you must set up rules to govern your betting on the U.S. Election contest.

Potential Rules for a Bookie Agent U.S. Election Contest

The first rule? Unless enough players participate, you can’t run a contest. Participation depends on how much it costs to buy into the contest and the prize. 

If the prize is $300, and the buy-in is $25, you need at least 12 players to participate or the contest won’t pay for itself. The contest must pay for itself. If it doesn’t, there’s no point in running the contest. 

The second most important aspect of a president-elect odds contest is to set up pay out rules. So, if there are any ties, make sure your players know that the winners will split the prize pool. If you want to create a tie-breaker, you should. There are a few ways to create a tie-breaker. Here are some examples

  • Percentage of popular vote Biden or Trump won by – closest wins
  • Electoral votes winner got – closest wins
  • Number of states Trump won – closest wins

Use the top per head software in the industry

When you sign up with, you get more than just gambling software. With PayPerHead’s Agent Payment Solution, you can pay and collect from your players online, which makes it easy peasy to run a bet on the USA President contest. 

Import your players today, pay just $3 per head for up to 3 months, and offer in-game betting on the Live+ platform that includes game trackers and video feeds. Also, take part in the best referral program in the industry, one that pays you $100 as soon as one of your friends starts a sportsbook with us.    

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