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Bookies World Cup Prop Bets

World Cup Prop Bets – The Online Bookie’s Guide to Profit

The FIFA World Cup starts on June 14 and today we’ll be look at prop bets. It runs from June 14 all the way to July 15. That’s a full month of great soccer that could lead to sportsbook betting action.

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Profitable FIFA World Cup Prop Bets

Online bookie agents should also promote FIFA World Cup prop bets.

Check out 3 of the best World Cup prop bets to promote.

To Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Germany +400

Brazil +450

Spain +600

France +650

Argentina +1000

Belgium +1000

Germany won the 2014 World Cup. That World Cup took place in Brazil. As always, the Germans will be tough. They aren’t massive favorites over Brazil, Spain, and France, though.

The World Cup, like it is every 4 years, is wide open. Even Argentina and Belgium figure to get some love.

How should pay per head agents handle wagers on teams to win the World Cup? They should handle it the way they handle all future prop bets, set max betting limits.

However, it might not make sense to set max betting limits on any team not named Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, Argentina, Belgium, England, or Uruguay. Of those teams, only Belgium hasn’t won a World Cup.

No other nation outside of Belgium has ever won the World Cup.

The winner this year should be either Germany, Spain, France, Argentina, England, Uruguay, or Belgium

Prop Bets – Finalists for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Germany/Brazil +1100

Germany/France +1400

Brazil/Spain +1600

France/Spain +1800

Brazil/Argentina +2000

France/Argentina +2000

It’s hard to imagine any World Cup prop bettor not salivating over the odds offered in the Finalists for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Germany to face Brazil, the two favorites to win the World Cup, offers +1100 odds. That’s close to a miracle for many sports bettors.

Promoting odds is a great way for pay per head agents to promote action on this World Cup prop. It’s rare that bettors get to see odds like what this prop offers.

The real key is for you, the bookie, to set max betting limits.

Although bookies probably won’t have to set max betting limits on any option not shown above, it might be easier to just set betting limits on all options for this prop.

Odds to Win the Golden Boot

Lionel Messi +850

Neymar +900

Ronaldo +1200

Antoine Griezmann +1400

Harry Kane +1600

Tino Wermer +1600

Gabriel Jesus +1600

We only listed the betting options offering less than +2000 odds. Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, and Griezmann should get the most love from sports bettors.

However, that doesn’t mean that Kane, Wermer, or Jesus doesn’t take the Golden Boot. In 2014, Jaime Rodriguez with Columbia took home the Golden Boot.

Rodriguez is at +5000 to take the Boot this year. That proves the point that when it comes to World Cup prop bets like the Golden Boot, bookies must set max betting limits on all possible betting options.

There are other prop bets that online bookie agents can offer on the 2018 World Cup. However, the following 3 prop bets above figure to garner the most action. Promote at will.

Just remember to set max betting limits

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