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NFL Week2 Pay Per Head Tools

Premium PPH Tools To Increase NFL Week 2 Betting Profits

Since NFL Week 1 is in the books, pay per head agents can assess how to improve profits for Week 2. Already, there are a couple of premium PPH tools that PayPerHead agents can use to increase NFL Week 2 profits. It’s easy to use both tools.

2 Premium PPH Tools to Increase Profits

Don’t forget that all the PPH tools listed below are only available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package. Right now, agents can take advantage of the latest $3 per head promotion and have access to all the premium tools and more.

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PPH Tool #1: Television listings

Sure, you can spend time searching on the Internet for television listings. Or, you could simply look up television listings via the premium television listings tool offered exclusively through PayPerHead’s Prime Package—On now for just $3 per head!

While using the tool, look for these specific games:

  • Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals – Thursday, Sep. 13
  • New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys – Sunday, Sep. 16
  • Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears – Monday, Sep. 17

The NFL will broadcast these games in primetime. Primetime NFL games face virtually zero competition for eyeballs. You’ll want to promote the above 3 games.

Casual bettors will jump on all 3 games while some pro players might as well.

If you promote any NFL parlays in Week 2, make sure to include at least one of the above games.

PPL Tool #2: Injury information

The injury information tool provides up to date info on injured NFL players. Most bettors use injury information to decide on which games to wager. Online bookie agents must have access to the same injury information that pro players use to make betting decisions.

That’s not the only reason to use the injury information tool. You must also use the injury information tool to make line mover decisions.

PPH Tool #3: Line mover

Use the injury information tool to decide what lines to set for injury impacted NFL Week 2 games. Remember, you run your own pph sportsbook.

So, the impact of an injury from your point of view might be different than the impact of an injury from a Vegas sportsbook’s point of view.

Also, remember this: Vegas can afford to sit on spreads until they know for sure how impactful and injury is. You don’t have that luxury.

You must constantly work to push action into your sportsbook.

Because you can’t wait for the final outcome of injury information, you must consider setting your own NFL Week 2 betting lines. Do this by making an educated guess on how impactful the injury is.

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