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2018-2019 NFL Season Betting Excitement

Get Players Excited Now As The 2018-2019 NFL Betting Excitement Grows

Many NFL sports bettors like to wager on NFL Regular Season win totals, and it will be no different in 2018-2019.  The wager allows bettors to ride out the entire season. It’s a good way for many bettors to follow their teams without betting on their team in individual games.

2018-2019 NFL Season Win Totals

See below for 4 specific NFL Team Win Total wagers. Promoting any, or all, of the four wagers listed below, should lead to profit.

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Philadelphia Eagles

10.5 Over +105/Under -135

Why promote Philadelphia Eagles’ game totals? The Eagles are the reigning Super Bowl Champions. There’s no doubt that tons of eyeballs will be on the Eagles.

Make sure to set max betting limits on over the total of +105. It’s not difficult to see Philly winning at least 11 games this season.

New England Patriots

11 Over -155/Under +125

New England, the Super Bowl runner-up, is this year’s 2018-2019 NFL Super Bowl favorite. The Patriots return the most well-known player in the NFL, Tom Brady, along with a rabid fan base.

Patriots’ over/under win totals are popular every season. They should be popular this season. Unlike Philadelphia, New England might not win over 11 games this season.

Use the Line Mover, available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package, to add a half a point to make it 11.5. Then, consider not setting max betting limits.

Dallas Cowboys

8.5 Over -125/Under -105

The Dallas Cowboys is thought of as “America’s Team”. The Cowboys remain the most popular team from coast to coast in the United States. Dallas might have a return to glory in 2018.

It could be a good idea for pay per head agents to add a half a point to the over so that it becomes 9. If you want to ensure profit, add another half a point to make it 9.5.

Pittsburgh Steelers

10.5 Over +105/Under -135

Pittsburgh is the second most popular team in the NFL. The Steelers garner betting action every year on their game totals. It could go either way with Pittsburgh at 10.5 games.

The best thing for online bookies to do with the Steelers is to set up a BetAlert.

If a player makes a huge wager on either side of the game total, consider setting max betting limits.

Some per head agents might even want to consider taking the Pittsburgh Steelers game total over/under wager off the board.

Be Ready For The 2018-2019 NFL Regular Season

Setting up your sportsbook for NFL betting season early, and getting players excited now, is a great way to boost profits quickly.

Having the right sportsbook management software is even better when it comes to making NFL profit. is the industry-leading sportsbook management software that online bookies need to make the most cash during the NFL betting season.

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