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Get Sports bettors into your online casino

How to Get Your Players Into Your Casino Avoid the “Low Season”

We’re just about to the low season. Most every pay per head agent on the planet fears the low season, but today we’ll look at how your online casino can help you out.

What’s the low season?

It’s the season where the only game in town is MLB. This year, the low season shouldn’t be as bad as it has in past years. The 2018 World Cup kicks off on June 14.

That will take some sting out of the low season.

Although, it won’t take all the sting out of the low season. A good way to avoid the low season is to get sports bettors to play in your online casino.

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Check out ways to accomplish this.

How to Get Sports Bettors to Play in the Online Casino

Playing in the online casino provides advantages that most sports bettors aren’t aware of. Alerting sports bettors to those advantages is the best way to get them to play in the online casino.

I’ll review 3 advantages that you can leverage to excite players about the online casino.

1. Most online casino games can be played for minimal investment

It doesn’t cost much to play. Unless bettors are looking for the big money, they can throw down $5 to $10 on every hand of blackjack. Or, they could roll the dice at the craps table for $5.

2. Low minimums mean that playing in the casino can be an enjoyable experience

Most sports bettors are nervous individuals.

They’re nervous because they’ve placed money on a sports team to cover the spread. A football game takes about 3.5 to 4 hours to complete. It doesn’t matter if the game is an NFL or college football game.

3.5 to 4 hours is a long time to sit on pins and needles.

Since bettors can play in the online casino for low minimums, the stress involved when putting $500 on a single team to cover the spread doesn’t exist. The online casino provides a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Online casino games provide instant gratification

Online bookie agents should consider the time frame of rolling the dice at the crap table vs betting on a football, basketball, or baseball game.

You know right away if you’ve won or lost with the online casino. That’s just not true when it comes to sports games. Generation Y is the largest cohort in history, and as they age, they will continue to dominate your target market.

Their biggest technology-based trend is instant gratification.

Instant gratification can be a nice lure to get players to make casino wagers.

You shouldn’t point it out as instant gratification though.

Instead, in your marketing messages about the online casino let players know that they won’t have to wait four hours to see if they’ve won their wager.

Some pay per head agents might be thinking that a low minimum doesn’t mean a lot of action. That’s just not true either.

The math proves that if you can get just 10 players to drop $5 per day into your online casino, you’ll make $1,500 in a month. The $1,500 doubles to $3,000 if you can get 20 players to drop $5 per day in the online casino.

The way you’re going to be successful as an online bookie agent is to offer all the options available. This way, you can keep making an income all year-round. helps online bookies stay active all year by allowing agents to have multiple ways to make cash.

They allow this by offering thousands of games, 80+ live betting options, online casinos, and 70+ horse tracks.

Don’t get stuck during the low season. Get PayPerHead’s premium software, and you can build the sportsbook empire you’ve already envisioned.

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