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World Cup Betting Action & Rankings

World Cup Betting Action & Power Rankings For Online Bookies

The 2018 World Cup starts TODAY. PayPerHead has a top-notch sportsbook deal happening right now in order to help online bookie agents kick off the World Cup betting season the right way.

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World Cup power rankings imply that Germany and Brazil battle each other in the final.

That’s not necessarily what you, the online bookie agent, care so much about. What you should care about is World Cup betting action.

Top 4 Teams That Will Drive World Cup Betting Action

Check out the Top 4 teams that should drive betting action during this year’s World Cup.

1. Argentina

The greatest player in the world, maybe of all time, plays for Argentina. Argentina ranks 5th in the World Cup Power Rankings.

However, it ranks first on our online sportsbook World Cup Power Rankings because Lionel Messi alone should drive interest every time Argentina hits the pitch.

Ride Messi’s popularity wave by marketing individual Argentina matches. Right now, Argentina is at +950 to win the World Cup. The odds are fantastic on the 5th best team in the World Cup per ESPN.

2. Brazil

The top World Cup team in the power rankings also gets high marks at driving World Cup betting action.

Brazil flattened the way a 3/5 favorite in a horse race in the stretch does when losing 1 to 7 to Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinals.

The loss was a huge embarrassment because it occurred on Brazilian soil.

Brazil should have guns blazing this World Cup with both Neymar and Gabriel Jesus on the short list of Golden Boot winners. If Brazil, under Tite’s management, plays to its potential, the Brazilians could dominate.

3. Germany

Germany was ranked first on most everyone’s power rankings until this past week. Now, Germany is the second on the power rankings after Brazil.

The defending World Cup Champions should garner betting attention both in individual matches as well as in World Cup future sportsbooks.

That doesn’t mean they’re a lock.

In fact, they’re missing 3 key players from the 2014 World Cup winning team:

    1. Miroslav Klose
    2. Lukas Podolski
    3. Philipp Lahm

If pay per head agents want to get greedy, they could take bigger risks than allowing as much betting action on Germany to win the World Cup as possible.

4. England

ESPN ranks England 7th on their power rankings.

They’re 4th on our online sportsbook World Cup power rankings.

The reason? Every World Cup, England is one of the most popular teams on which to wager in virtually every sportsbook on the planet.

This year, the English could possibly win the World Cup. That makes them even more popular.

Promote World Cup betting around England, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil. You’ll see the World Cup Betting action and profit flow into your sportsbook.

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