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FIFA World Cup Opening Weekend Recap

FIFA World Cup Opening Weekend & How to Adjust Sportsbooks

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Opening Weekend is in the books. As with most tournaments that last longer than a weekend, it’s important for online bookie agents to adjust their sportsbooks.

FIFA World Cup Opening Weekend Recap

We recap the key games and then give agents info on how to adjust their sportsbook to increase their revenue during the FIFA World Cup.

Spain 3 vs Portugal 3

Easily the most highly anticipated match of FIFA World Cup Opening Weekend, the battle between Isco and Spain and Ronaldo and Portugal ended in a tie.

There are plenty of things to consider from this match:

First, Ronaldo was unstoppable. Portugal could dominate their other opponents in the Group Stage.

Second, Spain controlled the flow of the game. The Spanish should bounce back with some big wins.

Bookie Takeaway: Set max betting limits on Spain versus anyone else in Group Stage.

Also, beware of Portugal when they’re a dog.

Be sure to set max betting limits on the draw in Portugal matches.

Iceland 1 vs Argentina

Iceland played exceptionally well. However, Argentina had a chance to get ahead in the match.

Unfortunately for Argentina, the great Lionel Messi missed a penalty kick.

Bookie Takeaway: Iceland’s defense is everything it was in the UEFA Euro 2016. It’s as solid as a defense can get.

Beware huge bets on Iceland getting a goal. Also, beware of the draw.

Set max betting limits on both.

Argentina should bounce back big time starting this Thursday versus Croatia. The Croatians are having issues. So, per head agents should pay attention to huge wagers on Argentina.

Switzerland 1 vs Brazil 1

This was a hugely disappointing outcome for Brazil’s fans. Brazil didn’t look that comfortable at any point in the match.

To make matters worse, Brazil might be without Neymar for the time being. He had to skip a practice session on Tuesday, June 9, after tweaking an ankle versus Switzerland.

Bookie Takeaway: Brazil should bounce back. Will they? If you’re a risk taker, allow money to ride on Brazil in their next group matches. If you aren’t, set max betting limits.

Germany 0 vs Mexico 1

Mexico beating Germany goes down as one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history.

The Germans looked lethargic. There’s a good chance Germany just doesn’t have it in this year’s World Cup.

Bookie Takeaway: Germany doesn’t appear ready to win a World Cup match, much less win the World Cup.

The Germans aren’t even close to being as devastating of a unit as the one that won the World Cup in 2014.

If you’re one of those pay per head agents that set max betting limits on Germany to win the title, now’s the time to open up the wagering.

The Germans just don’t have it. Beware huge bets on the underdog in German matches.

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